Inside the Mind of a Five Year Old

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By now you may have noticed that Monday’s posts are generally purely about fun and attempting to make you laugh; Monday Funday! This Monday I thought I’d let you glimpse into the mind of a five year old and share an interview I recently did with my son.  I love, love, love how literally children take what we adults say and ask of them and how they have such a unique and simple perspective of the world around them. Here are the real, unedited answers from our official interview:

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a kid? A:  It’s cool, it’s fun, because most of the time my Mommy and Daddy do everything I say.

Q: Does that really happen? A: Yes, and it really happens and it’s the truth. (sheepish grin on face, starts wiggling around)

Q:  What do you like to do for fun?   A: I like going to the pool but my Mom and Dad insist on the beach (rolls his eyes like he’s so hard done by)

Q:  If you could pick one thing that Mommy or Daddy always had to say yes to, what would it be? A: Going to the beach and arguing

Q: Is there anything you think Mommy and Daddy should definitely say no to? A: Say no?…. you always say no…….. You should tell me no because my curtain is upside down. (intense giggling and rolling around)

Q: If you could chose between going to the moon, having all the money in the world, or being famous what would you chose? A:  I would choose being a superhero, what’s famous?

Q: What superhero would you be?  A: Ultraman

Q: What does Ultraman do? A: When he’s fighting he has something back here (taps his back) and he pulls out a sword made out of fire.

Starts boxing and doing “moves”

Q:  Where did you learn those moves? A:  From boxing, and only from playing batman, oh and I’ve watched Batman on cartoons.

Q: What is the coolest animal on the planet and why? A: An Elephant because know what it’s only afraid of? Mice…….. when it’s giganto-gigantic (throws arms up in the air and starts laughing)

Q: Why is that so funny? A: Because I think he could just crush a mouse.

Q: If our family had its own flag, what would it have on it? A: One that said, words that say “We’re going to the pool forever”

Q: Why do you think it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables? A:  Because they don’t make you grow (giggles) they make you grow

Q:  What’s something that you’d call really gross? A: Eggs

Q:  What’s something that everybody can do to make the world a better place? A: Be supeheroes

Q: Where does money come from? A: People make it…I think it comes from the bank

Q: What is your favourite thing about school? A:  I’ve passed pre-school and next year I’m going to Kindergarten, I’ve passed four and now I’m five. and next year I’m gonna be six. My favourite thing is riding the bus so I don’t have to walk and walk and walk all the way to school.

Q: What is the greatest thing about being alive on the planet today? A:  Because if you were dead you couldn’t do anything, and when you’re alive you can do lots of fun things.

Q: If tomorrow you could do what ever you wanted in the whole world, what would you do?  A: I would go fishing with my Daddy

Okay so this was not my most informative post or the most enlightening but I thought that it would be a fun way to express how differently kids looks at the world.  For one they don’t worry about money, heck they don’t even know where it comes from. Some of their primary concerns involve swimming, fun, superheros (or in some little girls’ cases princesses), and the fact that they are alive. They love the absurd and anything that involves the ego (like being famous, being afraid of little things or having money) doesn’t rate with them…..well not nearly as high as simply spending time with Daddy…or Mommy.

We can all take a cue from our little people. Interview yours and see what you find out!


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