Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

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red-hair-dye_2While the research in to whether it is safe to dye your hair when pregnant is extremely limited, the general consensus is that it is indeed safe to colour when expecting a baby, although some studies have shown that extremely high levels of exposure to the chemicals in hair dye could cause harm.

These massive doses of hair dye that have been tested are thankfully nowhere near the level of chemical required to colour your hair successful, so there really should be nothing to worry about when it comes to colouring while pregnant, although there are steps you can take should you want to be extra cautious.

Leave It Until After The First 12 Weeks

Even with the lack of evidence of any harm coming to your unborn baby through hair colouring, many women have decided to wait until after the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy to complete their colouring, because it is during this period that there is a higher risk than normal of chemicals being able to harm the baby.

This is exactly what I did when I was expecting my first child and even though I was getting a little bit edgy around the 10 week mark when my colour really needed a top up, I held out the full 12 weeks knowing that it was the best thing to do for my unborn child, as all expectant mothers would feel. When it comes to the dyeing process itself, follow the same rules you normally would, but make sure you stick to them.

Colour Safely To Ensure The Safety Of Your Baby

When colouring when pregnant, make sure you’re wearing gloves throughout the process as normal, as this will obviously reduce the amount of chemicals which are able to make it through your skin and in to your blood stream.

Leave the dye in for the minimum amount of time recommended, and make sure you’re completing your colouring in the best ventilated room you’ve got, just to get those nasty smells out of the way as quickly as you can.

If you don’t need to fully cover your hair like I did with PPD free red hair colouring while pregnant, why not consider highlighting or lowlighting, which only exposes certain strands of your hair to the chemicals, which will help reduce any risk to your baby even further. The chemicals will be absorbed only by your hair and not through your scalp, reducing the amount passing in to your bloodstream.

The most important thing to remember is to always consult your hairdresser for advice if you feel you need reassurance, and if you’re particularly worried about anything, don’t hesitate to see your doctor or midwife, as they will be able to answer any questions from an objection medical point of view, and will always have what is best for your baby at heart.

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