Is It Time For Back-To-School Shopping Already?

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Is It Time For Back-To-School Shopping Already,school supplies,budget

Is It Time For Back-To-School Shopping Already? Image source Joy Shrader

I was shocked to learn that a friend of mine had spent over $300 on Back-To-School shopping and it didn’t even include any clothes. She spent all of that money just on school supplies. For one child! So, yes, planning ahead for your back-to-school needs is definitely a good idea.

Buying The StaplesĀ 

School supply lists vary from school to school and teacher to teacher, but there are always staples your child is going to need. Pens with black or blue ink, number 2 pencils, loose-leaf notebook paper, and a binder. If your child is perfectly happy with a standard Bic pen or a plain blue binder, wait for these items to go on sale in August. But start saving your pennies now so it won’t be such a shock to your budget.

Buying The TrendsĀ 

The trendy items like glitter pens and designer folders and notebooks take the biggest bite out of your wallet. If you wait until August to buy them along with the rest of your school supplies you’ll see that the store don’t really discount these trendy items. They’ll show you a tremendous savings on notebook paper to get you through the door, but the trendier items don’t go on sale until the season’s over. By then it’s too late.

If these trendy items do go on sale you won’t save much, maybe 5 or 10 percent. I know, if you’re talking about 6 or 8 kids that 5% discount can add up. But if you only have one or two children to buy for, start picking up these trendy items one at a time now so you won’t suffer ticket shock when you step up to the cash register.

The regular price on those trendy glitter pens might be $3 now and if you wait until August when the sales start you might be lucky to find them for $2.50. In August, though, you’re going to have a shopping cart filled with school clothes and shoes and tissues and everything else the teacher wants and you’re not going to want to spend even the $2.50. Instead, you’ll reach for the boring Bic pens and your child is going to be upset.

Better to buy one pac of glitter pens this week while you’re at the grocery store than to skip them altogether and force your child to be a pariah in his or her own school! And that final back-to-school shopping trip in August won’t take such a big bit out of your budget that month.

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