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The summer holidays are usually eagerly anticipated by kids who can’t wait to escape the confines of school, but can be a less appealing prospect for parents, especially if they’re worried about their children forgetting what they’ve learned or falling out of the habits instilled by the school system.

The good news for worried parents is that there are plenty of activities your children can get involved in this summer to keep their young minds engaged and even leave them looking forward to the return to school when they can put their new skills into practice.

Summer reading activities

Many libraries in the UK participate in the Summer Reading Challenge, which encourages kids to read as many books as they can over the summer holiday.

Certificates are awarded to children who complete six books – one for each week of the standard holiday – and these may even be given out in a ceremony at their school when they return in September.


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If you don’t have a local library, check out book rental services that send books through the post which can later be exchanged for others on a monthly subscription, just like DVD rentals.

Some companies provide materials such as charts and certificates to motivate more reluctant readers, with books targeted to all reading levels.

Holiday learning

If you’re setting off on a summer holiday during the school break, that doesn’t have to mean your kids take a break from learning.

Trips to foreign countries can be ideal ways to engage children’s minds, as they get up close to exotic cultures and wildlife and try new foods and clothing, and kids can be encouraged to make a record of their experiences by keeping a holiday diary – not that they’re likely to forget them.

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In this digital age, postcards are a great way to keep writing traditions alive, and kids can be set the task of choosing suitable postcards for grandparents and other relatives and friends, to tell them about their experiences.

If your son or daughter is a budding writer, their holiday experiences can be the perfect fodder for creative stories when they return home too.

Outdoor learning activities

You don’t have to leave the country to find ways to engage your children’s minds of course, and there are likely to be many inspiring day trips within easy reach that all the family can enjoy.

When your children explore wildlife centres or take part in the hands-on activities at science museums, they may not even catch on to the covert educational angle.


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The great outdoors can be an endlessly fascinating place for children, not to mention a healthy one, and giving your child a camera, a notebook and other materials to document the animals and sights they find could make them feel like true explorers.

Even your own garden can be a veritable menagerie of fascinating creepy crawlies and colourful birds that your child can observe as the seasons change.

National trust activities for families

The UK’s leading conservation organisation arranges a number of fun events for families with children during the school summer break, which aim to cover a broad spectrum of interests – from cookery schools to visits to decommissioned nuclear power plants. Many of these activities can be enjoyed whatever the weather, so you don’t have to hold out hope for sunshine.

If your kids have an adventurous spirit, wet and wild weekends of kayaking, mountain biking and other activities in the natural beauty of County Down, Cornwall and other scenic areas can be just the thing for families to beat the summer slide, and many of the UK’s most popular historical buildings host events every day of the week that invite kids to get into the spirit.

What are your children’s favorite summertime activities?

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