Learn How Moms And Nannies Can Make A Great Team

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The care children receive can affect their development in positive or negative ways. Because a nanny can have a major impact on development, she should obviously have good references, experience and training.

Additionally, it’s arguably just as important for moms and nannies to develop a strong work relationship that’s based on shared childcare goals, mutual respect and open communication. Here are some of the most effective ways to build this type of relationship:

Job Description and Responsibilities

Job responsibilities should be established in writing. While this may seem overly formal, it will actually prevent any misunderstandings about duties. What you write down should clearly define the number of work hours per week, schedule for each work day and all major work responsibilities.

The Children

Discuss your children’s schedules, routines, basic needs and personalities. Prior to actually hiring a nanny, give her an opportunity to meet with your children and observe the interactions between them. Ask any serious candidates about their philosophies concerning childcare and how they discipline.

Work Schedule

Respect your nanny’s work schedule. Even if she’s living with you, remember that she is an employee. While it’s normal to ask family members for childcare favors, if you’re in a situation where you need your nanny to work, be sure to compensate her for those hours. By showing her that you truly value everything she does for your family, you’ll find that she’s always willing to step up when needed.

Parents and Nanny Roles

Outline reasonable parenting and caregiver roles. When you’re at home, you will probably want to take over the child rearing. During these times, allow your nanny to take a break and assume a more passive role. This will help your children to know who is in charge and when.


Every few months, go over your nanny’s job performance. Let her know how she’s doing. Go over all the areas where she is doing a terrific job, and talk about areas for improvement. Make this an experience which encourages open conversation and opportunities for personal growth.


Go over any changes in schedules and routines. Discuss all appointments, play dates, and errands which need to be done. Have a calendar and write down all essential information. Make sure the calendar is in a place where information can be easily added or modified.

Daily Information

Have a place where everyone can write down their comings and goings. A chalkboard is good for this purpose. Make sure doctor, emergency and all work numbers are easily accessible.

Share Ideas

Throughout the year (such as when the seasons change), go over a list of activities that your children will enjoy. Discuss the children’s interests, talents, and areas where they excel. Since your nanny may notice things that have slipped past you, make this a collaborative process.

Parenting Classes

Attending a class together is a good way to learn new child rearing skills and work out shared goals. Afterwards, go out for a coffee so that you have time to talk and bond.


The relationship between a mom and nanny is a unique collaboration. By maintaining open communication, common parenting objectives, values, respect and consideration, this relationship can become a wonderful partnership!

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