Made A Mistake? Here’s How To Say ‘Sorry’ Properly – And Mean It!

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Everybody messes up from time to time, and it is easy to say something you don’t mean and upset somebody. However, it is usually pretty easy to put things right too as long as you are genuinely sorry about what it is that you have done. Knowing that you have made a mistake can leave you feeling plagued with guilt, and sometimes it is hard to even acknowledge that you are to blame. Once you have decided that the fault is yours, something needs to be done in order to rectify the situation. A simple apology is all it takes – and here are our tips for apologizing properly. Read on for our top tips and tricks.

Say Sorry

The first thing that you need to do is apologize, and mean it. Often it can be embarrassing or a little awkward, but if you throw yourself into your apology, you will find that it comes across as far more genuine and therefore is much more likely to be accepted. Choose a quiet moment when you are alone with the person that you have upset, and make a clear and heartfelt apology. Generally, it is very difficult to do anything other than accept an apology that is genuine and heartfelt. Your apology may well open lines of communication enough to be able to discuss the matter in more detail, and really get to the bottom of an issue.

Make Amends

If your apology has been accepted, then the next step is to make amends. Put a little extra effort and attention into your relationship with the person that you have upset, and take their comments on board. Make them see that you really care for them, and that your mistake was a genuine one. This will give your apology far more weight, and it will mean that you can both go forward far more easily together. You need to understand that for some time, the other person may well be a little sensitive – so watch what you say for a while.

A ‘Sorry’ Gift

If the thing that you have done to upset somebody is still troubling you even after your apology has been unaccepted, then a great way of alleviating some guilt is to give that person a little treat. Doing nice things for other people makes you feel great – you will cheer them up and in the process you will cheer yourself up too. Buy them some flowers, or alternatively visit your local jewelers to see if you can pick out a beautiful piece to say sorry. Make sure that the present is accompanied with a card that reiterates how you are feeling.

Saying sorry can be a very difficult thing to do, however if you do it properly you will find that your relationship with the other person is stronger than ever. Being able to accept when you are wrong is a very good skill in life – and it will make all the difference if you really want to nurture a relationship.

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