My Trip to the Natural History Museum in London

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When I visited the city of London early last year with my family, I went to the Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road South West London, which was very exciting.

The part I liked the most about the museum was the realistic moving Tyrannosaurus Rex Model. It was so life like and many little children there were getting scared of it. After seeing the robotic T Rex, I have developed such an obsession with dinosaurs and prehistoric life in general.

I went to the gift shop in the museum to look for dinosaur models. I ended up purchasing a superb little T Rex model from there. Then I started to get into reading books about dinosaurs and I thought about this question: was T Rex a hunter or scavenger?

According to some scientists, the T Rex was a hunter and because of its big head it was able to crush the bones of live animals and kill them as a hunter usually does, however some scientists argue that T Rex is a scavenger because it was so slow and its arms were too small to even reach its head! The argument continues.

There are many similar arguments relating to dinosaurs, such as the outer skin of the Velociraptor, was it scaly or was it feather like skin, like a bird? Another common argument is that how the dinosaurs were wiped out. Was their extinction due to harsh weather conditions, a meteor, also some people think that aliens carried them away in flying saucers or U.F.Os, or they just simply couldn’t look after themselves and just died out.

Only God knows what really happened to them, but nothing changes the fact that dinosaurs were amazing beings and the some of the biggest creatures that ever walked on the face of the Earth. At the time of the dinosaurs there were other enormous creatures such as Pteradons, which many people think that they were actually different creatures. Every year, new dinosaur fossils are being found all the time including meaner, bigger and brainier dinosaurs than Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Not only did I really enjoy my day in London, but I also learnt something too. I really want to see the museum again, and I think everyone in my age group needs to visit the museum as well.  It was the best experience I’ve ever had, it was so cool.

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