Noisy Neighbours

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Noisy NeighborsIf you’ve ever had the misfortune to live somewhere with a noisy neighbour you’ll know how awful it can be. Noise is one of the biggest reasons why we complain to environmental health officers, and disputes between noisy neighbours can quickly escalate into a full-on feud.

Loud music, crying babies, barking dogs and high volume on the television are the main causes for complaints, but most of these are relatively easy to deal with by considering others and taking simple soundproofing measures around the house.

My Neighbour Doesn’t Care!

Usually if you are hearing the neighbours watching Eastenders through the wall, or can hear what radio station they are listening to, a simple request to turn down the volume will have the desired effect.

If the neighbours refuse to turn the music down, or persist in doing DIY at all hours of the night, you have to take things to the next level. If your noisy neighbours rent their property, report them to the landlords or local Council.

It is always wise to keep a diary of all the times when you are disturbed by their noise, and video or photographic evidence can be useful to demonstrate the type of noise and the disturbance to others around.

Being A Good Neighbour

We all have to take responsibility for the amount of noise we are making, and to be considerate to those living around us. Simple steps can made a big difference; for example don’t allow your teenage daughter to play her music at full blast with her bedroom windows open, and if you are having a party inform the neighbours and make sure everyone goes home at a reasonable hour.

Keeping open lines of communication with your neighbours is the key to a good relationship, and if there an issue with noise it is unlikely to escalate into a full scale feud if everyone can sit down and talk about it.


If your teenager has just started learning to play the drums or regularly has friends over to play music, then take some steps to soundproof your house and keep the music inside. You can buy special panels which you stick on your walls and which can be painted or papered over, and these are particularly good for living areas where you are being disturbed by the noise of the television next door.

Another type of board can be places under the carpet, and these are the best way of cutting down noise from an upstairs neighbour if you live in a flat. If you have wooden or laminate floors, use a special underlay to keep noise to a minimum.

Foam sheets with noise deadening properties can be placed on the roof of your home, and if you have a teenage band practicing in your conservatory, this sort of sheet foam can be the easy to install option. Sealing up any gaps around doors and windows will also keep the noise inside, and has the added benefit of stopping draughts and lowering your heating bill too.

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