Planners – Why They Aren’t Just For Your Wedding!

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For many of us, the only time we even consider bringing in professional help to plan an occasion is when it’s a wedding.

Wedding planners are growing hugely in popularity as busy people opt to pay someone else to take the strain when it comes to taking care of every little detail of their big day.

However, weddings are just one of the events where using professional party planners can make a huge difference.

If you have one of the following coming up, you may be taking on a lot of work that you could benefit from delegating to a planner. Alternatively, if you were simply wondering what planners do, here are some examples:

Charity Functions

Professional planners can certainly take a lot of the strain off of the organizers when it comes to holding a charity function.

Charity functions tend to raise money by asking would be attendees to pay quite large amounts for tickets, and so they need to live up to the ticket price for guests to consider them a success.

Equally, they need quite a lot of promotion, and a planner may have good connections that can help with this. A party planner will not only be able to take care of the obvious things like the catering, venue and decorations, but will also think of subtle ways to make your charity function more luxurious and fun.

Baby Showers

Throwing a baby shower for a friend can be surprisingly tricky.  Coming up with a theme and location, as well as gifts and games that are suitable not only for a pregnant lady but also for her friends (who may want some wine and something non baby related to do or talk about), can be a difficult balance to strike, and in many cases you may not know everybody you’ll be inviting (for instance if the mother to be is your sister or best friend and you’ve never met her work friends).

A professional planner is used to dealing with these party challenges and will have plenty of good ideas that will help you throw a shower that is classy and fun for everyone.

Big Birthdays

Whether it’s a sweet 16, a 21st or even a 30th or 40th birthday party for someone you love, a professionally planned party will make them feel and look extremely special, without you having to give months of your life over to organizing it.

Even if you are planning to throw the party at home, having someone who can give a professional feel to the planned catering, décor, games, music and theme will make the party really incredible.


With event planners now more popular than ever, there is a big market for professionals who can plan big events like proms and dances for schools.

This is not as frivolous as it sounds, because these events are very important to their attendees and can take a lot of time to plan to a successful degree.

With hundreds of people to entertain, a school prom or other major social event is a major undertaking, and more and more people are seeking the skills of experts to assist in making it special.

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