Preserve Your Family Memories With These 3 Photobook Ideas

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familyphotosDigital photo books are a hybrid between traditional photo albums and scrapbooks. They are a wonderful way to preserve, share, treasure, and display your favorite moments and photos. Commemorative photo books are not only great for personal enjoyment, but they also make an incredibly personal and thoughtful gift. Whether you are customizing the gift for yourself or a loved one, here are a few unique photo book ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Baby/Children’s Books

The idea of putting together an adorably-sweet, baby photo book is not a new concept. There are, however, some unique spins and ideas that can update this classic trend. Perhaps you could create a month-by-month snapshot of your baby’s monumental achievements and growth. Another great idea is to put together a “birth through age six” book capturing moments from each of your child’s special birthdays leading up to the birthday before they head off to school. Grandparents would love to receive a “baby’s silly faces” photo book highlighting all of the adorably-hilarious expressions that their precious grandchild makes.

Travel Books

Some of the most treasured moments and memories in life are created while on vacation with friends and family. Travel and vacation books are so popular because as you flip through the photos and the books, you essentially re-live the memories in many ways. It invokes the feelings of fun, togetherness and relaxation that you experienced while on vacation. If you traveled with a group of close friends, a travel photo book would also make an excellent “thank you for the fun” gift for each member in your group.

Holiday Books

The joy and family traditions created during the holidays carry on for generations. Putting together a collection of treasured photos from your favorite annual holidays is a great way to reflect on the traditions and togetherness of the past. Whether Christmas is your favorite holiday or you go all out for St. Patrick’s Day, taking the time to put together a holiday photo book will provide you and your family with a custom-made heirloom that will be enjoyed by many generations.

With dozens of templates, themes and colors available online, you truly can use your creativity to make a book that complements your personal tastes and reflects your unique taste in design. There are few gifts in life more sacred and personal than a one-of-a-kind themed photo book. It’s the gift that keeps on giving year round.

This is a guest post.  Laura Caldwell is a mother of 2 young children and a full-time blogger. She is currently writing for a Canada-based photo book company called Elephoto. Elephoto helps Canadians preserve their family memories with awesome photo books that can be created online.


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