Removing LP’s and CDs with a Removal Company

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moving CompanyIf you have a huge music collection, you might be concerned if you’re about to move home.

Even if CD’s are in a folder, they should be safely transported to where you will soon be living.

Moving vinyl can be much trickier. This is because they are larger and can be worth a lot of money. Vinyl records can hold huge sentimental value too.

The first ever album or single which you owned would never be sold but they shouldn’t be damaged either. Therefore, every effort should be taken so that there is no chance of any damage happening whatsoever.

When moving home, here is some advice which can protect your music collection:

–          Get large boxes

A box which is used by a supermarket for storing bread and frozen meals can also house vinyl records. If you have many records, you should get several boxes. Supermarkets aren’t the only place which you can get boxes from. This is because fast food restaurants can have many spare cardboard boxes.

–          Buy a vinyl box

A vinyl box is one of the most reliable ways to store records. Vinyl boxes can be bought to store records and also singles. 45rpm records are much smaller where 33rpm records are bigger.

Several vinyl boxes could be bought in a record shop. You can even buy them online too. Many sellers on auction sites have cardboard vinyl boxes which can be easily constructed.

When you have boxed up your music collection, you should start looking for a moving company. Here’s what to consider when searching for a removal company:

–          Inform how many items have to be moved

When a removal company knows what has to be taken to your new home, they will provide enough people to lift and shift boxes. If only two people are sent to a house move but many more are required, it will take much longer.

It is in your best interests to tell a removal company the number of boxes which have to be moved. This is because your house move can be done quicker.

–          Quote

There are several factors which can affect how much a removal company charges, such as how far your personal possessions have to be moved. If you don’t tell a removal company what your exact address is, inaccurate removal prices will be provided.

If a removal van encounters a lot of traffic, it will take far longer. Consequently, a removal company could charge much more.

The same logic also applies when driving through London’s Congestion Zone. As a removal company can plan their route so that it is avoided, a congestion charge won’t have to be paid. Therefore, this won’t be included in their quote.       

–          Offer to help

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Friends and family members could be asked to lend a helping hand with putting boxes into a van and taking them out again.

Although heavy objects, such as a wardrobe or a chest of drawers, won’t be lifted, you can take boxes of clothes into your new home. By helping out, it will take far less time to move home.

When moving home, there is a lot to consider. By planning it in advance, the whole process won’t take as long as it should do and it won’t be as costly either.

Therefore, it is in your best interests that it is carefully thought through beforehand so that there are minimal disruptions and you can start to settle in sooner than you thought you would.

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