Renovating Your Kitchen In 2 Easy Steps

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Redecorating your kitchen or kitchen diner can be a major undertaking, and certainly one you’ll only want to take on every few years.

A fitted kitchen can be very expensive to replace, and even painting the walls can mean a lot of awkward rearrangements and not being able to use your kitchen or dining area properly for a few days. If you live in a rented property, you may not be able to make any permanent changes regardless of how you feel about the current look.

However, if you are bored of the way your room currently looks and would like to make a significant change to pick it up, without investing the time and money in a remodel, there are several neat quick and inexpensive things you can try.

Adding Color Accents

One of the best ways to change your kitchen’s overall palette without doing anything too drastic is to buy a few items in a bold color that are always on display and will create focal accents.

You can do this with purely decorative things like art work, flower vases, fruit bowls or candles, or you can invest in some practical items to display in your kitchen in a bright color you love.

These days, even seemingly boring things like kettles, sandwich toasters, French presses and knife stands come in a whole array of colors, so whether you want a retro pastel pink, a vibrant orange, a sunny yellow or a deep forest green, you should be able to find plenty of options.

This is a great way to update a rented kitchen too, as these are all items you can take with you if you move out that will give your current kitchen a more personalized look.

Sometimes, you can even add a color theme using things you already have but usually don’t have on display, just by switching from keeping any colorful cutlery and serving platters from their current homes in cupboards or drawers to stands or racks on top of counters where they can be seen.

Update Cabinet and Drawer Fronts

With some types of kitchen, you can create the effect of new cabinets by simply changing the look of the drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

You may choose to replace these altogether with brand new ones in a style you love, or you may be able to use a different wood stain or paint to give a different color. If these aren’t options, another really easy way to get that custom kitchens look without spending much money is to invest in some new handles for your cupboards and drawers.

You may be surprised how much of a difference changing from a dated to a more modern style of handle can make, or how much color you can add with some bold, bright colored handles on white doors.

By making simple changes like these you can have the effect of a new, refreshed kitchen in between full remodels, without spending a lot of money or needing to be without the use of your kitchen while the work is being done.

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