Securing Quality Life After Retirement for Your Parents

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Quality life retirementWatching your parents reach an age where they may lose their vitality and independence can be difficult.

While you know that one day your parents will be dependent on you and others for their daily care, you may not be emotionally or financially ready for this stage of their lives.

You can prepare now for your parents’ impending senior citizen years by taking steps now.

Preparing now and being aware of what you can do to keep your parents active, healthy, and protected can ensure that you and they enjoy these years together.

Find Suitable Housing Alternatives

While your plan of action for now may be to allow your parents to live independently in their own home, you and they may need to find suitable alternatives if or when the day arrives that they can no longer enjoy this arrangement.

Depending on what kind of insurance they have and how much money they have set aside for their final years, you may consider a retirement community in your area, such as Dogwood Forest in Atlanta, Georgia.

These communities can accept insurance, as well as cash and credit card payments. These communities also allow residents to remain semi-independent while also having access to round-the-clock health care if needed.

Discover Senior Activities Together

Keeping your parents active is vital if you want them to enjoy a good mindset in their senior years.

It can be very easy for seniors to sink into depression or deny their ages as they witness old friends and family members passing away or becoming incapacitated.

You can keep them active by discovering the activities aimed particularly for this age group in your community.

Bingo games, shopping trips, casino visits, and other senior activities sponsored by senior centers or civic organizations can be a great way for your parents to make new friends and enjoy being out in the community.

Preparing Financially

Readying for your parents’ senior years should include preparing their finances, as well as your own.

If your parents have been wise investors and savers throughout their younger years, you can protect their financial assets by hiring a financial planner or accountant to oversee their expenses.

If they have little to no savings, you can still benefit by hiring a financial advisor who can guide them to spending their retirement pensions and Social Security benefits wisely.

Likewise, you too may be asked to bear some of your parents’ financial expenses during their senior citizen years.

If their insurance does not cover all of their medical and housing expenses, these organizations may look to you to make up the difference.

You can prepare now for that possibility by hiring an attorney and consulting with a financial planner who can tell you how much to save and when to seek power of attorney over your parents’ estate.

Anticipating your parents’ senior citizen ages can be an anxious experience.

In addition to watching them age, you also may worry about how they will remain active, engaged, and financially set during these years.

Preparing now and checking into the appropriate senior citizen resources in your area can help you and they head off any significant problems later.

Debbie Nguyen is a freelance graphic designer and blogger in Atlanta. Her 86-year-old mother is still living independently. Planning for the future is at the top of their To Do List as a family. Dogwood Forest is in an ideal location for accessibility should her mother need assisted living.

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