Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Kids from Injuries

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protect-kids-from-injuriesBeing a parent is a very difficult and demanding task. It is every parent’s responsibility to make sure that their kids are well educated, well taken care of, and well loved. Giving them a safe environment is also a must as no parent would want to see their children suffering any kind of injury.

While accidents are virtually unpredictable and can really happen to anyone, there are still things that parents can do to keep their kids from common childhood injuries. Here are some of them:

1. Cut food into small pieces.

Feeding or preparing food for a child is something that many parents don’t pay much attention to. This, however, is one of the most common causes of injuries in children, like choking. It is important that all kinds of food given to children are cut into small or any appropriate sizes. We all know that babies can eat smaller pieces of food compared to older children, but it should be remembered that older kids also cannot eat food like adults do. By monitoring the size of the food your child eats, you can surely prevent choking. This is very important especially for kids below one as they are more prone to airway obstruction injuries.

2. Accident-proof your home.

Most parents do the necessary baby-proofing of their homes, but many of them tend to forget what’s necessary afterwards. As your kids grow bigger, it actually becomes more vital to keep your home child-friendly, especially when your child starts to learn how to walk and hold things. According to statistics, almost half of all injury deaths in children happen around their homes.

If you want to avoid having to see an orthopedic surgeon,you have to make sure that your kids will not have access to anything that could cause them harm. Your doors, for instance, must not be easily unlocked by your child. Make sure also that you keep all chemicals, tools and matches out of their reach. The most common home accidents that involve children are poisoning, choking, falls, firearms, drowning, suffocation, and burns.

3. Secure the child’s play area.

Since young children spend most of their time in their play pen or playground, these areas must be kept safe to play on. You can use nonslip pads for all the rugs you are using and see to it also there are no wet spots on the floor around the play area. Falls are among the most common injuries your child is actually prone to. As a matter of fact, kids that are 14 years old and younger account for 30% of all the emergency cases in hospitals related to falls.

4. Get your child a helmet.

It is always fun to see a child riding a bike, wagon, scooter, and so on. But before you let your child do so, you have to make sure they are wearing proper protective gear. Wearing a helmet is a must for kids who are to ride their bikes or scooters. According to statistics, there are about 300,000 being treated in hospitals for injuries related to bicycle riding without wearing helmets.

5. Don’t leave your child alone near water.

It is indeed ideal for kids to learn how to swim at a young age. But of course, this doesn’t mean that you can leave your child in the pool all by themselves. Make sure that your kids are always watched and supervised when they are in the water, which includes beaches, lakes, pools and even the bath tub. Drowning is among the leading causes of death caused by injury in children. What’s more troubling about this fact is that most of such accidents occur in open water sites and residential swimming pools.

6. Invest in a good car seat.

Every state has a law on how young passengers should be seated. It is your responsibility to buy and install a well-functioning car seat for your child. If you want to have your seat checked, you can visit a local fire station where they will see if you have installed it properly and securely. Although it is really hard to prevent vehicle injuries, parents could at least minimize the possible injuries on children in case of accidents. Installing restraint systems that are appropriate to children in terms of age and size can do a great job of reducing severe and even fatal injuries.

7. Let your child understand what’s safe and what’s not.

As a parent, you should try your best and do whatever you can to ensure the safety of your kids. But you cannot do this alone. Even your child can actually do something to protect himself/herself from home injuries. But this will be possible only if you make him/her understand basic rules for children’s safety. Through constant reminding, your child will soon get used to these rules and will be capable of somehow preventing any kind of injury.

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