Six Top Tips For Window Treatments In Your Kitchen

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When it comes to installing window treatments in your home most people initially consider the most used rooms in their property, such as the living room or the bedrooms. However, another equally well-used room, which often gets overlooked, is the kitchen.

We all tend to spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen and therefore the more attractive and homely it appears, the better your time spent in there will be. It is also said that the way in which your kitchen appears will also influence your mood, which in turn could even lead to better food coming out of the kitchen.

What follows in six tips for you to consider when looking at window treatments for your kitchen.


It appears when it comes to window treatments in the kitchen, less is definitely more. In fact, many households are completely ridding their kitchens of heavy treatments in preference to simple shades or drapes with much less fabric. A popular addition in many kitchens nowadays is an upholstered cornice.

Let There Be Light

It goes without saying that you need natural light to be entering your kitchen. This will typically affect your choice of window treatment as well. Something that is proving to be popular is pleated shades, which not only provide privacy, but also allow plenty of light to enter the room. Some of the most sought after colors of pleated shades range from white to light shades of blue.

Go Contemporary

If you happen to be using fabrics for your window treatments in the kitchen then look at more modern colors, where possible. Colors that have probably never been considered before seem to be all the rage at the moment, including shades of gold, green and black.

However, if your kitchen is particularly small then you should opt for a lighter color, which will make the room look both brighter and larger. However, a large kitchen can be made to look far more cozy and inviting with darker colors.

Have You Considered Textures?

There is a vast array of textured window fittings in the marketplace, and once again they seem to be all the rage. Bamboo Roman shades have been very popular for years and show no signs of losing their appeal.

Any number of window treatments with varying of textures will still be able to be rolled up or moved across, but they just add a little something extra in terms of their visual appeal.

Is It Too Hot in the Kitchen?

The kitchen is typically one of the warmest rooms in the house anyway, due to the work (cooking) that goes on there. However, if you have a little too much natural light flooding in through the windows this may make the kitchen even hotter and therefore very difficult to work and stay in.

This is why many people choose to go with wooden or even faux wood blinds or shades, as they will filter the light accordingly without looking out of place.

Is It Time to Install Some Curves?

If you really want to jazz up your kitchen a little, why not leave the traditional straight or square window treatments and look at something that encompasses curves. A window treatment with curves actually works wonders in a smaller kitchen and will give the impression of a far larger area.

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