Some Top Tips On How To Prepare For Old Age

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Senior Couple Talking To Financial Advisor At HomeWe might try and deny it, but we will all get old and grey one day. It is important therefore to start preparing yourself for that time now.

In this blog then I look at some of the essentials to prepare for old age, as well as plenty of the more exciting things.

Get the Important Things Sorted

If you have not done so already, getting a will sorted should be one of your first priorities. While you’ll be gone when the time comes to reading it, the extra bickering involved if you haven’t got one in place can put that extra level of trauma on top of the fact your family will be grieving your passing.

Healthy eating and plenty of exercise is also a great way to enhance your quality of life, and that’s not just when you get old, but will have the benefits for you to enjoy in your younger years too.

Get More Sociable

Now while you may see yourself as a bit of a social whiz and party animal, is this still going to be the same when you get old? Are you mostly hanging around with work friends and family?

If so you may want to broaden your circle of friends a little so you have a number of people to go out and about with rather than simply sitting around the house all day.

No-one wants to be that grumpy old man, but if you don’t make the efforts to build up a circle of friends now, you could unwittingly be setting yourself up for that exact scenario.

On this note, start doing some of the things you really see yourself doing in the future now, that way you have a bit of experience to go off of, rather than starting something totally a new.

Bucket List

Before the doom and gloom though, you should look at establishing a bucket list. Want to go to Australia and see Ayres Rock before you’re too old and grey?

Do it. Swimming with dolphins or maybe even sharks? Why not? If you have the money you should look to do whatever you really want to in life.

Home Care

Home care is something you may want to consider for old age, that and having money put aside to afford it. Home care doesn’t need to be all day and all night either, it can be done to suit your needs, so if you’re still fit and able to get out and about, you may only need a bit of support around the house.

Save Up

Money ties into all the other points really. If you don’t have it, it will be hard to seek care if you need it and hard to go about doing your bucket list.

So it is in your best interest to save up now just so you have a retirement fund to hand on top of any pension you might receive. There seems to be many figures floating around suggesting you would need around 70% of your pre-retirement income to live comfortably once retired.

Old age is something we can’t run away from, but with the right preparation and focus it can be something you look forward to, in fact in many ways it may offer you the perfect opportunity to do everything you wanted to do, but never really had the time.

Louisa Jenkins is a care expert. She likes to blog on all matter of things though and here she mixes her experiences as a care worker delivering home care with the knowledge she has built up over the years to offer advice on how to prepare for old age.


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