Spring Closet Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning up Your Personal SpaceWith spring already here, it is time for you to get something done around the house. Spring cleaning, spring organization and so on. The organization of the closet is no exempt to this ‘rule’.

Now that is already warmer, a lot of things need to be changed. And in order for you to make it easier on yourself when you have to choose your apparel for the day, a spring organization has to be performed.

Now is the ideal time for ditching your wool socks for flip flops and for switching from fleece to linen. So, here are a couple of advices for a quick and easy closet organizing.

1.  Don’t hoard, declutter
Spring is an excellent season to purge the closet of all the accessories and clothes you haven’t worn all season. Look for items of clothing that fall in some of the following categories:

– Apparel that has not been worn in the past two winters
– Clothing that is faded/ripped/stained and you don’t like it as much as to invest money in fixing them professionally
– Shirts, pants, jackets, etc. that don’t fit you anymore
– Also, such that don’t fit the image that you try to project. For example if you used to wear a suit to your office job, but now work as a construction worker

Those are one of the sure signs it is time to either donate, sell or throw them away.

2.  Ways to get rid of what you don’t need
It’s a guarantee you will find it dozens of times more appealing to declutter the closet if you know the clothes and accessories will go to a worthy cause.

Not needing or loving something anymore does not mean you have to just throw it away. Donating it to someone who might need it or selling it at a yard sale would be a far better option.

3.  Keep some pieces at hand
Don’t forget it is barely spring, not summer. Don’t be too hasty to get rid of the light jackets, cardigans and scarves. Mornings and evenings are still a bit chilly so an extra scarf or sweater could be useful.

4.  Switch up the accessories
For the people in most countries, it will get muddy and wet before it gets dry and hot. Having an umbrella is still a necessity. You can get a compact one that could easily be carried around in your handbag.

5.  Cotton instead of wool
Now is the time to store all the winter items. Everything that is made of such heavy fabrics like fleece or wool could be moved to the storage area or in a bin in the closet.

If the closet has a couple of shelves, the highest and hardest to reach one can be used for off-season clothing whereas the lower ones could be for the more often worn clothing.

6.  Take the shoes to the cobbler
Ask around for a good and reliable cobbler. Bring your leather boots that you have been wearing all winter. Most probably, they will need a thorough repair. This way, you will store clean and fixed and they will be nice and ready when you start wearing them next winter.

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