Stay Alert When Your Kids are Around Water

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As we find ourselves stepping out from our air conditioned havens into the scorching Arizona heat we instantaneously ponder how we can save on our electricity bills and still stay cool. Some may find themselves strutting through their local mall, hitting the air conditioned gym, or practicing their origami fan making skills, however, most will find themselves pool bound with their families.

Since accidental drowning comprises about 20% of the Arizona death rate it is critical that parents take special care in watching their children when around the pool. Considering that about 75% of pool related deaths take place while a parent or supervisor is present, it is critical to remain alert when children are in the pool. It takes only five minutes of walking away from supervising a child in a pool for an accidental drowning to take place; this can be as quick as simply running into the house to use the restroom. So, just because an adult is present does not mean that they are necessarily properly supervising those in the pool.

If you must leave the pool area for any reason call another supervisor over to the area or have your child exit the pool. Certain precautionary measures that can be taken include; not allowing a child to swim alone, engaging in swimming activities with your children, utilizing flotation devices and using a pool buzzer to signal any potential dangers. Always be sure to have a first aid kit handy, in addition, signing your children up for a few swimming classes is also beneficial, this way they can learn the proper method of water safety.

Life Jackets are another alternative, these floatation devices will prevent your child from sinking under water. Also, Arizona requires maintaining a pool barrier, such as fencing and gates, this will protect children from accidentally falling into the pool and prevent them from entering the pool without parental guidance. The fence must be unable to be climbed, have a locking gate and may not have chairs or other climbing accessories around it.

Another popular safety mechanism is the use of a pool cover; this will keep the pool sealed off. Also, it is recommended that trees and shrubs be trimmed down so that you may view your pool from the inside of your house to ensure that it is not in use when it should not be.

By utilizing a number of these various safety methods parents will be able to keep their families safe and enjoy their outdoor oasis. So as we attempt to keep our families cool this summer let’s take these measures into mind and help drop Arizona’s accidental drowning rate. Keep cool in front of your pool and remember safety is always the number one rule.

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