The Idea Box: A Go-To for Rainy, Indoor Days

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Yes it’s true that summer is not quite over yet, but the long nights, and short rainy, snowy days are coming (sorry, it’s true). I thought it might not be a bad time to share some ideas for indoor fun, so that you have something other than casseroles and fleece pajamas to look forward to!

Step 1: The Idea Box:  You can use anything to get this project started; a shoebox, a plastic container, any cardboard box or even a recycled jar. You let the kids go buck wild decorating it and making it beautiful…there they’re already having fun inside.

Step 2: Fill it with Ideas:  Have fun throwing ideas around for indoor activities, write them down on squares of paper and put them in the box. Cut a hole in the top or create a lid to easily access the slips of paper.



Suggestions for Fun Ideas:

Put on a puppet show

Bake cookies

Do a craft

Make or play with play dough

Build a blanket fort

Make popcorn and watch a movie

Read/tell stories

Go on a treasure or scavenger hunt

Have a tea party

Play dress up

Play a board game

Clean your room (just kidding)

Do a science experiment

Go for a walk outside (take an umbrella)

Invent a new top secret recipe

Have a pillow fight

Draw space aliens

Write a letter to somebody special

Call Grandma and Grampa

Snuggle up and have a nap (good luck with that)

Lots of great sites online for fun activities some of my favourites are:

www.amazingmoms .com and,

Step 3: When you hear the words “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do,” You can respond with , “Go to the Idea Box.”  It will be fun for the kids (and hopefully you) because it will always be a surprise activity.  Try to add new ideas when you can to keep them interested.

 Have ideas to share? Let’s hear them!


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