The Negative Effects Of Being An Overprotective Parent

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parents teaching children

parents teaching children

Recently there has been a lot of talking about how overprotective parents hurt their children and how our modern views on parenting can sometimes result in overprotective parents.

The psychologists are almost unanimous in agreeing that overprotective parents cause more harm to their children than do them good. A summary of the most common negative effects of overprotective parenting include the following:

1. Lower self-esteem

The constant support and dependence on their parents cause the overprotected children to struggle with their sense of identity and self-confidence.

Children of overprotective parents have less space for free thinking, making their own decision and simply experiencing life.

Living under constant control of their parents often hinders the physical and psychological development of the children, who more often struggle with mental illnesses and are less physically fit.

2. Unable to cope with problems

When children of overprotective parents are young all of their problems are solved for them and their parents shield them from everything possibly dangerous. But that has to change the moment the child grows up and leaves home.

What happens to these young adults is that the lack of any negative experiences in their life did not allow them to learn how to cope with problems. In result the children of overprotective parents are terrified of failing and are more frustrated with their lives.

Allowing children to experience problems and fails is an important part of growing up and it helps them develop natural mechanism of self-protection and the ability to solve the problems, which children of overprotective parents rarely have.

This leads to a paradoxical situation, when overprotective parents’ help in solving their children’s problems results in mentally weaker children with diminished abilities to cope with troublesome situations.

3. Raising up a rebel

All teenagers go through the rebel stage, but the children of overprotective parents seem to be more adamant about it. For them rebelling is the only way of breaking free from the parental control, that is why they are willing to try almost anything to get rid of the shackles. Overprotective parents are also less capable of dealing with the problem.

While other parents feel that the best way to approach a rebelling kid is to try and talk it over with them, overprotective parents more often react hysterically, trying to increase the control over their children instead of understanding their own failures. This often leads to even more severe rebellious acts of the overprotected children.

4. Lack of self-appointed goals and dreams

Many children of overprotective parents are not able to make any valid decisions regarding their lives without consulting it with someone, whose guidance they seek. They are less capable of determining which of the goals they try to follow were their own decision and which were imposed by others, therefore they are easier to manipulate.

Children of overprotective parents are also less motivated to achieve their goals and seek the support of people around them when they are facing even minor problems.

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