The Safest Cities in America to Raise a Family

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When looking to purchase a home, major considerations are safety and security. From this perspective, buying real estate in Toms River NJ, population 90,000 is among the safest possible choices in the United States,  ranking 14th in a survey of the 400 safest cities.  Toms River is safer than 98% of American Cities. With a violent crime incidence of only three crimes per year (0.03 per thousand residents), and a property crime incidence of only 49 per year (0.55 per thousand residents, Toms River is difficult to beat on any basis.

Another great thing about the city besides safety is that it’s on the coast but only a few miles from the center of the country’s most populous metropolitan area, and from the nation’s capital city. These things make it a prime location for cultural, historic, employment and business advantages. Not to mention the outstanding beaches, museums and planetarium.

Other attractive characteristics of Toms River include its downtown farmers’ market, unique shops and great restaurants. It is also a relatively affluent community with the median income being greater than $81,000 a year.

Other American Cities Noted for Safety

 Other American cities noted for low crime rates include:

  • Plano Texas (safer than 29% of American cities)

Ranked number one in Forbes list of safest cities Plano has a violent crime rate of 1.94 per 1000 residents and a property crime rate of 25.85. Plano has the unique requirement that all of its police officers have four year college degrees. The city is relatively affluent which appears to contribute to safety in providing an adequate tax base to fund safety programs and resources.

  • Henderson, Nevada (safer than 37% of American cities)

Henderson takes the number two spot in Forbes’s survey despite its proximity to Las Vegas a high crime area. With a violent crime rate of 2.45 per thousand residents and a 27.82 property crime rate Henderson’s is less safe than Toms River; but is also a larger city.

Safe Cities with Populations Exceeding 100,000

The safest cities with populations exceeding 100,000 are predominantly located in the western United States.  In general, these cities are relatively affluent.  Cities in that category with lowest crime rates, according to FBI statistics, include:

  • Irvine, California

With a proximity to both Los Angeles And San Diego, Irvine boasts a 0.64   violent crime rate and a 15.45 property crime rate

  • Temecula,California

Again, with a proximity to both Los Angeles And San Diego, Temecula can brag of a 0.75 violent crime rate and a 23.60 property crime rate.

Toms River NJ Real Estate Makes Sense

When compared against these other cities noted for safety, the purchase of Toms River NJ Real Estate stands out as a wise selection for your family’s safety and living pleasure.


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