The Truth about Child Abduction

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It has continuously been reported on news broadcasts and across newspaper headlines – disappearances of local children and the perceived explanations for their mysterious vanishing. The truth of the matter is that, more often than not, it is nearly impossible to track down these missing souls in an attempt to return them to the safety of their families.

With the technology of the current century continuously building upon the developments of the past, it is difficult to imagine that children are vanishing at the rapid rate in which they are being reported. Unfortunately, all countries are included in the atrocities of these crimes, making it seemingly unsafe in one’s own backyard, regardless of the lifestyle in which their families lives.

Different Kinds of Trafficking

While the general definition of child trafficking is the illegal transfer of a child for purposes of exploitation, there are subcategories of this term which can be broken apart as follows.

Forced labor is probably the most popular type, in which the children end up doing labor at an astonishingly young age.

Sexual exploitation is a kind of trafficking in which the children are used as sexual objects in order for their “owners” to create a profit from the acts. This can include prostitution and pornography, depending upon the market that the owner is appealing to.

Armed forces is rather self-explanatory, as it is a type of trafficking that requires the children to join and fight for an army and their cause, against the will of the child.

Drug trades are typically conducted with the involvement of children as a way to reduce accusations of illegal activity.

Begging is a form of child trafficking which requires the children to ultimately beg for money from strangers passing by on the streets of busy cities.

How to Prevent Child Abductions

There are several ways in which adults can go about handling situations in order to prevent the instance of child abduction within their own home.

When placing your child in the care of anyone unfamiliar to you, demand to see a background check and to have a copy of their license or other form of identification.

Educate your child or children on the safe places to go for help when out in the community and in your own neighborhood.

Educate your children on the dangers of interacting with people that they are unfamiliar with.

Child abductions are not the norm within our society, nor should they ever be. Educate your child and yourself on precautionary steps to avoid such situations.

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