Think Twice Before You Pet That Dog

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think_twice_before_petting_that_dogChildren, by nature, are very inquisitive and filled with wonder about their surroundings. As such, it is very tempting for them to be interested in dogs and other animals when out in public or visiting another home.

However, it is the parent’s responsibility to teach them how to behave around unfamiliar dogs, since poorly controlled or untrained animals are prone to displaying aggressive outbursts and attacking people without provocation. 

Dangerous Dogs

It has been well documented by a number of organizations that dog bite attacks occur for around 20 postal workers each day. Regardless of whether the animal is small, big, young or old – every pet has the capacity to bite when they become agitated for any reason. Sometimes, there is absolutely no obvious warning that a dog is about to bite.

Without a doubt, one of the more feared canines is the Pit Bull Terrier. Their muscular bodies and jaw strength make them capable of inflicting very serious harm. Therefore, they are responsible for a great number of serious bites that have involved hospitalizations, permanent injury and even death. These frightening statistics illustrate how certain pets are statistically shown to bite more than others include:

a. Labrador retrievers at 13.3 percent
b. Pit Bulls at 8.4 percent
c. German Shepherds at 7.8 percent
d. Rottweilers at 3.9 percent
e. Chows at 3.5 percent

Even a small and relatively innocuous puppy can be prone to biting a person unexpectedly. Finally, since those without an owner present could be a stray, the fact that they can be of any breed makes them particularly dangerous.


The consequences of a dog bite involve pain, discomfort and serious or even fatal injuries. Additionally, when they claw, bite or attack a person, they can also trip or fall, causing further injuries.

Anyone who has been attacked should first seek medical care right away. Medical care is required when a nip occurs, even if the injury appears to be minimal. This is because rabies and other diseases could be present that can cause harm in the future.


Every state is different, however, the consensus is that dog owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior at all times. If an attack or injury occurs, owners may be held liable for any harm that was caused. This is the case regardless of why it happened or whether it involved a scratch, mauling or attack.

It is also advisable for victims to seek the counsel of a competent representative such as New Jersey or San Bernardino personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. Many people do not realize that there is a statute of limitations for personal injury cases, so the sooner that the matter is reviewed, the better.

An experienced attorney can see that victims are compensated for medical costs, wage loss, pain and suffering and other expenses.

Safety Tips

Children learn what they are shown. Therefore, the most important aspect for teaching children to tread very lightly around animals is to set the best example possible. For instance, when it is obvious that a dog is of interest to a child, show them how to behave to protect their safety.

First and foremost, they should never approach one in public without supervision. Below are some considerations to teach children to be aware of to avoid unforeseen harm:

a. More than one dog is present
b. The animal is in a neighbor’s backyard
c. No adult is present with the pet
d. The dog is medium or large size
e. The canine is kept on a rope or chain
f. He is fidgety, snapping or barking

Following the above tips will help parents teach kids how to stay safe around animals in general so that they can avoid injuries. However, should you or someone you know become a victim of a dog bite, it is advisable to seek the counsel of a competent personal injury lawyer to ensure that all of their rights are fully represented.

Writer Ieda Vincent remembers the terrible injury she suffered from a dog bite as a kid and is still a little nervous around them. She extends this so parents can be educated and their children won’t have to endure this traumatic experience. 

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