Tips For Teaching Your Teen How To Drive Safely

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teenage_driverAll parents eventually have to deal with teaching their teenagers how to drive. While getting a driver’s license is an especially exciting time in a teen’s life, it is an equally stressful and nerve-wracking time in the adult’s life.

But it does not have to be so hard on parents after all. If they have confidence in what they are teaching their children and they have faith that their children will learn the lessons well and recall the lessons while on the road, parents can let their children have their car and enjoy the ride, without needing to constantly worry about accidents happening.

Go Over All Safety Precautions First

Teen drivers are not always well aware of the risks involved with driving, so go over those risks before even hitting the road, or point out common mistakes and areas where accidents may occur while you are driving with your teen as a passenger.

For example, point out a reckless driver and advise your teen on what to do to avoid that driver causing any problems, or point out a dangerous intersection and make sure you tell your teen how to avoid accidents there and what to look out for.

This will train your teen to look for potentially dangerous situations as well as know how to avoid them to stay safe.

You also want to teach your teens to always use their safety belts whenever they are in a vehicle, whether they are passengers or drivers. Make it a rule that they need to always use their seat belts when in the family car, so that when they go out with friends, it will be a habit they have developed.

Create a Course in an Empty Parking Lot

Finding an empty parking lot at night or on a weekend is a great way to build a sort of driving course for your teen driver who is first learning how to park within a parking space, parallel park between cars, and drive in reverse in a straight line, for example.This course will be in an area without any other cars, making it a safe place for your teen to try new techniques and not feel intimidated or afraid.

Cones that mimic cars can help your teen learn how to park, and you can use the parking lot for practicing turns as well. Or you can have your spouse and another family member or friend go with you and your teen driver so that she can practice with real cars in the area.

Give Your Teen Ample Opportunity to Drive

When your teen is first learning how to drive, your presence and guidance in the car is important to guide her and let her know what she is doing right and wrong, so take every chance you get to let your teen drive you to the store, to the movies, to school and back, etc. The more driving your teen is able to do before she gets her license, the better prepared she will be to hit the road alone.

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