Tips To Make Cooking With Kids Fun And Safe

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Messy Kid EatingIt’s always a good idea to include your child in the cooking process of meals. It encourages your child to try new things and even improves his reading and math skills by reading the recipe and measuring ingredients.

Cooking is also a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives so why not start them early? Here are some tips for cooking with a kid.

Plan your dish

Check out simple recipes that you and your child can make. Have him list the ingredients and take him grocery shopping with you.


Prepare all the ingredients. But before that, make sure to wash your hands! Always remind your child to wash his hands before handling food. Make sure all the ingredients are measured and chopped or sliced before you start.

Don’t cook when you’re hungry

Make sure your child is not starving before you start cooking as he can become cranky and impatient for the food to cook. He will also keep digging into the ingredients if he is hungry so have a small snack before you start cooking.

Safe Place

Your child can’t probably reach the kitchen counter so create a lower space for him to work on. If your child needs a stool, make sure that he can balance on it. Remove all knives and other sharp objects from the area.

Safe utensils

There are plenty of kid-safe utensils available in the kitchen department. They can either use plastic or wooden ones.

The stove and the oven

Tell your kids that they are not allowed to go near the stove or the oven simply because it’s hot and they will get hurt if they touch it. They can only watch you bring the pans to the stove or the oven.

Other appliances

Other appliances such as blenders and food processors are off-limits. They can help pour/place the ingredients into the food processor but they should not operate the machine. Make sure to unplug everything after using it.

Practice reading and math skills

Ask your child to read the instructions from the recipe aloud and follow them step-by-step. Practice his math skills by making him measure the flour, milk and other ingredients.

Make it fun

If you want to introduce new foods to your child, there’s no better way than making the presentation fun and creative. Use cookie cutters and other ingredients to decorate your food. Take inspiration from Japanese bentos to make your food healthy and fun-looking.

Clean up

Teach your child to clean up after cooking. Just simple tasks like putting the dirty dishes in the sink or wiping spills is a good start.

Cooking with kids is a good way to bond and teach them a few skills that they can use when they’re on their own.  

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