Top 5 Older Cleanflicks for Families

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These days, many family movie nights are marred by inappropriate scenes, vulgar language, crude conduct and suggestive remarks. What ever happened to the good old days when a family of all ages could sit down for some family time and watch a movie together without skipping scenes and covering children’s eyes?
Here is a list of some older clean movies or as they are known to the movie savvy, cleanflicks. These movies are clean and entertaining for the entire family:

1. Swiss Family Robinson
This movie is based on the book by Johann David Wyss. There have been many revisions but a good family friendly version is the 1960 Disney feature. The book that the movie is based on was actually meant to teach the authors’ sons about family values and self-reliance, and that is what makes this movie such a great family flick. The story goes like this: a Swiss family survives a shipwreck and has to learn how to survive on an island as castaways. The family builds a giant tree house, adopts new members, encounters dangerous animals and faces a ship full of pirates.

2. Mary Poppins
This 1964 Disney musical movie was also based on a book. Actually it was based on a series of children’s books written by P.L. Travers. The books and the movie focus on a magical English nanny named Mary Poppins who comes to the Banks’ house to care two unhappy children. Mary Poppins and the children have many fun adventures together and in the process patch up the relationship between the children and their parents. This Disney movie stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke as main characters and it is a fun sing-along type movie.

3. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Bedknobs and Broomsticks is another musical movie made by Disney in 1971. This movie, much like Marry Poppins, has live action and animation. The movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks also shares some of the same cast as the movie Mary Poppins.

This movie was based on a few different books by Mary Norton and is about young children who are moved during World War II and are hosted by an apprentice witch Miss Price. The children and the witch go through fun adventures and then have to save England with a spell.

4. Newsies
The Newsies is a 1992 song-and-dance Disney movie that stars Christian Bale and is based on the true story of newspaper boys striking against a publishing magnate Joseph Pulitzer in 1899. The newspaper boys put together a union in order to protect their rights and their wages. Newsies is an inspiring, toe-tapping movie for all ages.

5. Annie
Annie is another musical from 1982. The movie tells a story of a little orphan girl named Annie who wants to have a family. Annie is taken in by a billionaire but is captured by her alcoholic caretaker. The movie is based in New York City and is now on Broadway.

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