Top Tips for Removing Everyday Stains From Shirts

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This article provides a number of top tips for removing annoying stains from shirts and other items of men’s clothing.

Stain Reaction

It is one of men’s many faults that they seem unable to eat a burger or any other food containing a sauce without decorating their clothing with some aspect of it. It really doesn’t matter whether we are at work, home, or at the cinema, if our clothes can find a way to get stained then they usually will do.

Therefore, we are calling for the end of the popular saying of “real men wear pink,” instead replacing that with “real men know how to get stains out of their own clothing.”

Not quite the same punchy sort of line, but you get where we are coming from.

How are you going to deal with some of the most annoying stains men come across?


Ah, yes, the old favourite, thankfully not as usual as it used to be thanks to those intelligent souls at Lynx and Sure For Men coming up with “no white marks” varieties of their most popular products.

As much as they will deny it, unfortunately it still does happen. If you have a deodorant stain on your clothes, soak it in white vinegar for thirty minutes before washing, which should do the trick. While this works best, rubbing liquid detergent into the stain before washing will also have a similar effect, although the vinegar method is the most powerful.


If it is a reasonably fresh stain, then soaking in cold water with some ammonia powder should do the trick. If the stain has set, then it will take a little longer to do it. Instead, rub unseasoned meat tenderiser – yes, you read that right! – into the stain so it creates a kind of mushy type paste on your clothing. Cover in a paper towel and leave overnight. The next day, rinse the shirt as you would have with cold water and ammonia, then wash as per usual.


If you are at home then you are lucky, just throw your clothes straight in the washing machine – even if those in question are white – and let the machine work its magic. If you have a mishap at work then things become a little more complicated.

Complicated, to the degree that you will be using liquid bleach or peroxide on coffee stains that are allowed to set. If that doesn’t work, then we suggest a new shirt may well be in order!

Don’t allow life’s most common stains to get the best of your style – accept that stains will happen and learn to deal with them effectively.

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