Understanding Possible Burial Options

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Burial OptionsDeath and the disposition of the body afterward are uncomfortable topics, but they are ones that need to be discussed.

If you are dealing with the death of a loved one, be sure that you know all of the factors that need to go into making funeral arrangements. The question of whether to cremate the body or to bury it are important ones, and if you do not have a religious directive to guide you, that decision can be quite tough. What do you need to know about these two processes before you make your choice.

Standard Burial
Standard burial is the most common choice, though it is declining in popularity as time goes on. A standard burial is more pricey than a cremation, as you do have to pay for a burial plot and a headstone. Caskets are the typical method of burial for a number of different cultures, and they can range from the very simple to the very elaborate.

When you are purchasing a casket for a standard burial, it is important to remember that caskets are not hermetically sealed. Some places imply that they are, but all caskets will eventually fall to decomposition. They are not airtight and they will not preserve the body.

In a cremation, the body is incinerated and then placed in a sealed urn. This is less expensive than standard burial, though incinerating the body in a casket will add to the price. This procedure is becoming more common as time goes on.

Cremation allows for the ashes to be buried or scattered as is desirable, and there are already very specialized programs which allow the ashes to be scattered in space or to be compressed into a diamond.

Opting for a cremation does not mean that there will be no viewing or funeral service. In many cases, the stages of the funeral leading up to the cremation are identical to that of the burial.

The body is embalmed, and there can be an open-casket viewing as well as a standard service and visitation. Afterward, the body is taken to the incinerator, where the casket and the body are incinerated. Then the ashes are returned in the urn of the family’s choice.

Making a Decision
Funeral procedures are things about which people have very strong feelings, and if you are someone who is invested in making the right one, go over all of the angles. Discuss the proceedings with the people who are most involved, and remember that financial considerations are as legitimate a reason to make a decision as anything else.

The grieving process is one that doesn’t stop just because you have to make arrangements for a funeral, so take a moment and consider what you need to do. This is something that can help you move forward in a very trying time.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, and if you are thinking about whether you should choose a standard burial or cremation, be sure that you go over the options carefully.

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