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Father with ChildrenThe holiday season is here, the year is almost over and you are planning to have that special family time but don’t know what to do.

This is a great opportunity to start a new activity or maybe revisit one from the past. Let me introduce you to the RC Hobbies on Air world; this is not only a great hobby to practice but also a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family.

RC Hobbies on Air are simply amazing because of several reasons; you can build, assemble, paint, customize and actually fly radio control toys. The fun is not only in flying the aircraft, but it starts now that you are searching for it on the internet. When you decide to buy a toy like this online you are doing it the right way.   You can gather all the information from different websites and compare prices, get access to a lot more models, read reviews and finally make an informed purchase.

One of the great things about RC flying toys is that you can actually get some for indoor use; they are small, very safe and a lot of fun for everyone.  Those watching the craft are having as much fun as the person holding the radio control. Maybe this is something you have already experienced but never thought about it, but flying an RC toy is fun, easy, cheap, and very addictive as well. This hobby like no other provides you with adrenaline and relaxation at the same time. It is great to practice it with the whole family since you can have a barbecue with your friends and at the same time enjoy a great moment with an aviation toy.

Follow these simple steps so you can spend quality time with your family

  • Start by thinking what kind of aircraft you would like to try, there are several types of flying toys and you may choose one or another; the main categories are helicopters, airplanes and quad-copters (which are basically a structure with four propellers in the shape of a square).
  • Once you decide what kind of airship you want it is also a good idea to choose indoor or outdoor.  Both are great (eventually you will purchase another type), the indoor ones can be cheaper and definitely smaller which makes them perfect to use in the garage with your family.
  • This step is something that you really want to do with your kids. Go check some reviews in the internet, you may want to try something like RC Helicopter Reviews in the search engines and start looking for a specific model. When discussing RC Hobbies this is the place where the fun starts, so make sure you do so with your kids or your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or whomever you plan to share a special moment with.
  • Once you have a clear image of what you want, go and get it. This process is very simple and it will take you five minutes to go through it. Remember that if you are making an informed purchase chances are that you will like that what you bought; so don’t hesitate to send an email or make a phone call to the person or the store before your purchase.

The best aircrafts to spend time with the family and have fun

In my experience the greatest aircrafts are airplanes.  They are better than helicopters for amusing people since they are easier to fly.   On the other hand a helicopter is also lot of fun but they are harder to master and therefore more practice is required. The best airplanes or helicopters that you can get in order to spend quality time with your family are the outdoor models.  You can go to a park or an open field and really, really have a great time flying your ship.

My favorite airplane so far is the Exceed F18, it has not only a great design and style, but it also flies fast and it is a great piece of technology to play with.  You want to try this airplane once you have little practice with smaller models or simulators.  Once you get to that level you will definitely love this hobby.

Personally I love to spend time with my girlfriend and my brothers flying in an open field, it is a lot of fun because I have more freedom to fly and the airspace is wider.  This also prevents me from crashing the plane or helicopter into a tree or anything that could be in the park.

The time and money you invest in a flying toy is nothing compared to the satisfaction and the great moments you will have while sharing this with others.  The memories you will create with children will be priceless and they will definitely love that you made time to spend with them in such a fun way.

To your flight success!

Jose LozanoThis is a guest post.  Jose Lozano is an Engineer and has a passion for RC Airplanes and Helicopters. This fascination started when he was 10 years old and got his first RC airplane.  Jose kept practicing and recently started a website dedicated the RC Hobbies where he shares relevant information and tips about these amazing flying toys.


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