What Are Some Reasons for Paternity Testing?

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A paternity test refers to a specific DNA test, which is designed to look for a biological link between a father and a child.  Daytime talk shows can lead people to believe that paternity tests are used solely for trying to prevent fathers from shirking their responsibilities.  In reality there are many reasons why a paternity test may be performed.


In cases of infidelity where there may be question as to who the biological father of a particular child is, a paternity test is a great solution to the problem.  Obviously, it isn’t really fair to a child for him or her to grow up thinking one person is their father if it isn’t true.  It also isn’t fair to the man who would raise the child as his own if that isn’t the case.  A paternity test will clear up any confusion so everyone knows who the real father is.

Child Support

Many times, a mother is in search of child support for her child, but the alleged father isn’t willing to pay, or wants to establish paternity for certain before he does.  Quite often, a man isn’t even aware that a child exists until he gets legal papers.  If he had a brief relationship or even one time encounter with the mother, it’s natural for him to be suspicious of her motives.  In some cases, it’s the man who seeks ther paternity test so he has legal grounds to have a relationship with his child without being held back in any way.

Estate Issues

Sometimes, after someone passes away and left a substantial estate behind, unknown children will step forward looking for a piece of the pie.  Some claims are false and some are genuine, but a paternity test will clear it up either way.  It isn’t necessary for the alleged father to be alive for a successful test to take place.



In cases where an alleged father moves on with his life apart from the child, or the child is put up for adoption or the mother keeps the child from the father, a child may grow up and want to know.  It can really give a child a sense of completion to finally learn the identity of his or her father, no matter how old they are when they find out.

Choosing a Lab

The fact that there isn’t a DNA lab on every corner makes choosing one a little easier, because you don’t rally have a ton to choose from.  Find a lab that has experience performing the test you need done, make sure they are reputable and respected in their field, and then have the test done.  Accredited laboratories are often able to return results that are 99.9% accurate, so when you find a good one you can be sure the results you get are the truth.

This is a guest post.  This article was provided by Elisa Rents, a health care technician student. She recommends the Microgene laboratories for their excellent patient care for dna testing.


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