What To Do With Old Maternity Clothes

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Image by leslie.keating via flickr

Image by leslie.keating via flickr

The past 9 months of your life have been some of your toughest yet and after splashing all that cash on maternity wear you’re now left with a load of clothing that you can’t wear!

But don’t worry, there’s an awful lot of things that you can do with your old maternity clothes.

Ranging from ways to get money back for them to making hand puppets to entertain your children, you’re sure to find something to do with them!

Here, we’ve sorted some of the most practical things to do, with some weird and wonderful thrown in at the end for your creative side.


Sell Them

Seemingly the most obvious solution to getting rid of your old maternity clothes, reselling is a perfect way to get back some of that hard earned money that you spent so long ago.

Sort through your clothes beforehand and find those that are in a good condition, put them through the wash and then you’re ready to start selling!
There are a number of places where you can sell your clothing, for example:

  • Online Auction Sites
  • Forums
  • Car Boot Sales

Whilst you’re most likely to sell your clothing online, particularly on auction websites, you can sell clothing of a lower quality at places such as markets and car boot sales, albeit for a lower price.

If selling them online be sure to take good quality photos and have detailed descriptions. You can help advertise your clothing by using phrases such as ‘cheap maternity clothing Australia’ which will help show your clothing in search results.

Donate Them

If you’re feeling particularly generous, or perhaps don’t fancy the hassle of selling your clothing then there’s another option: donating it! There’s’ a large number of people out there who can’t necessarily afford to splurge out on maternity wear when they also have to buy an endless list of items for their new baby.

By donating your clothes to charity shops you can help a good cause as well as helping people be able to buy maternity clothing. As long as your clothing is in a good condition charity shops will happily accept your donation, and some even pick the clothing up from your house, hassle free!

Give Them to a Friend

Maybe you know someone from a pre-natal group that could do with some maternity clothes, or perhaps one of your friends just found out she was pregnant? If so they’ll surely love a gift from a friend of maternity wear!

Not only does this take a load off of their mind when it comes to buying maternity clothes, but they can trust in the knowledge that the clothing is comfortable and looks good since they got it from a friend. Often this kind gesture will be returned with a meal or a bottle of wine, showing that they really appreciated the thought.

Make New Clothes

If you’re particularly nifty with a pair of scissors and a sewing kit you can easily transform your maternity wear into new post-pregnancy clothing!

However if, you aren’t confident cutting up old clothing you may want to ask a friend who is, or you can even take it into a seamstress who can professionally resize the clothing for you.

Even if you don’t wear your new clothing out it’s still nice to have clothes at home that you know are comfortable and that you can put on when you want to relax.

Make Some Accessories

Cutting up your clothes may seem a bit drastic, however there’s a number of funky accessories that you can fashion out of old maternity wear with just a few simple steps. All you really need are cloth scissors and a sewing kit, and you can find patterns for different accessories online!

If you’ve got an old patterned dress that you don’t want to get rid of but also can’t wear anymore why not create a cool tote bag? These are highly fashionable at the minute, plus you get the satisfaction of not having to splurge on a new bag! You can also make yourself some head bands or a new scarf, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Keep Them!

If you’re planning on having more children then there’s no point in getting rid of your old maternity clothes! Although fashions may change over the years, you can still keep the staple items of your maternity wardrobe such as t-shirts, pants and plain dresses/skirts which are all timeless, so you can put them to good use in the future.

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This article was written by Deane Schwarz for Bump Baby and Beyond, which has a wide range of cheap maternity clothing and baby clothes. Deane is an avid fashion enthusiast who is always on the lookout for ways to recycle and reuse old clothing. Her current favourite thing to do with old clothing is to make new accessories such as bags and scarves.


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