What to Expect During Your Pregnancy & Your Baby’s Development

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If you’re pregnant, then it’s nice to know what changes you can expect to go through – and how your baby’s going to develop. We’ve broken the full term up into trimesters and weeks, so you’ve got a quick summary of developments!

First Trimester

One & two

Your body prepares for ovulation – and impending fertilization.


Fertilization occurs when sperm fuse with egg, forming the first cells of your little one.


This is when the specific parts of your baby’s body start to develop: the blastocyst that will become your baby separates, forming the placenta and embryo.


Your pregnancy (hCG) hormone levels are now at a level that will be detected by a home pregnancy kit, with your baby’s heart and circulatory system also in development.


Your baby’s face is forming.


Your baby’s brain is developing quickly, and your breasts will probably feel tingly and achy.


As your baby starts moving in the womb, morning sickness (which doesn’t just strike in the morning) may have you moving to the bathroom.


Your baby’s muscle tissue is building, and you start to feel a little lethargic more often.


Your baby’s bones and cartilage are developing, and you’ll need to increase your fibre intake to prevent pregnancy constipation.


Your baby is starting to take on the form of a little person, and your body and hormones level out a little.


Your baby has now doubled in size!


Your baby is the size of peach.

Second Trimester


Your baby sprouts hair and eyebrows.


You probably won’t feel it, but baby is flexing its legs and elbows, while you might be coping with some strange dental feelings.


Your baby’s eyesight and eyelashes are developing rapidly – as is your bodyweight!


Your baby is practicing sucking and swallowing as they get ready for the real thing: a breast or bottle! As for Mom, you may be warding off some unwanted belly touching.


You might start to feel your baby moving around anytime now, which is a great way to take your mind off your bothersome back.


Baby’s skin has developed protective coating, and you might be experiencing leg cramps.


You can now discover the sex of your baby!

Twenty one

You may be starting to develop a few stretch marks.

Twenty two

Your baby’s senses are developing rapidly, and your feet are probably starting to swell.

Twenty three

Baby is growing plumper and mummy might have developed the linea nigra, a light brown line running from the belly button to the pubis.

Twenty four

Your baby’s face develops even more, and your belly button may have popped out.

Twenty five

Baby prepares to take its first breath, and you might be suffering from haemorrhoids.

Twenty six

Your baby opens its eyes!

Twenty seven

Your probably suffering from swollen feet and ankles!

Third Trimester

Twenty eight

Your baby has started blinking and dreaming and you may be experiencing some pain in your rear.

Twenty nine

Your baby’s piling the weight on, and you may be suffering from varicose veins.


Your baby’s brain is getting smarter and smarter, while you may be may be experiencing heartburn.

Thirty one

As baby’s senses increase, your lung capacity decreases.

Thirty two

Your baby practices sucking and breathing, while your uterus practices Braxton Hicks contractions.

Thirty three

Your baby’s immune system strengthens, while you might be experiencing some sleepless nights.

Thirty four

If your baby is a boy, his testicles descend and mum’s vision grows a little les sharp than usual.

Thirty five

A rapidly growing brain makes your baby’s head weigh more and that means more pressure on Mommy’s bladder.

Thirty six

You may be experiencing achy bones.

Thirty seven

Your doctor might start checking for signs of labour, and your baby prepares for birth by sucking, breathing and turning.

Thirty eight

Baby will now be producing surfactant to help them take their first breaths, and you, mum, will now be producing colostrum – the precursor to breast milk.

Thirty nine

Baby’s brain is still developing fast, while you might begin to see some definite signs of labour.


It’s the official end of your pregnancy – though your baby might not have gotten that memo. Hang in there!

Fourty one

It’s not uncommon for a baby to be overdue, but women often experience labour pains at this point.

Fourty two

If your baby is truly overdue, then they’ll be wide-awake once they’re born.

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