Which Toys Are Best For Boys 3-8 Years Old?

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jump-rocketThe answer lies below, in our opinion anyway….

Top 3 -5 Year Old Gifts for Boys

Boys between the age of 3 and 5 just love toys that entertain them; toys that they can play with time and time again without getting bored easily.

All parents know that’s easier said than done and often find that they buy toys with their child’s favourite cartoon character all over them.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it could be a good idea to think outside the box by purchasing a gift that is a little different, but something that you know they’ll be ‘in’ to. Below is a list of what in my opinion are the top boy’s toys to for parents to buy their children this year:

  • Blue Happy Hopperz – This is a classic, ideal gift for boys as they look great are fun to play on and can play outside (when it’s sunny, or not for most young boys).
  • Cookie Making Set – a different type of gift for boys, but will give them hours of entertainment. Let’s face it; they know what they will get at the end – cookies. Please note parents may need to help children with the cookie making.
  • Chicane Marble Run – very simple toy, but definitely amongst the best; Kids will have so much fun assembling and playing with this marble run set. If they really take to it there are further models to collect such as the Whirlpool, Dropper and Helter Skelter.
  • Wilderness Tent – boys really could spend days on end playing in this tent, could aid weary parents in getting some quality quiet time!

If you are unsure, you can always buy a couple of toys mentioned; they may like one and not the other and as a parent, this happens regularly.

Top 6 – 8 Year Old Gifts for Boys

Boys between the ages of 6 and 8 are getting to an age where they want to be cool, show off to their friends and have fun. Sometimes parents can buy the wrong toys; well in their eyes they are.

However, there are toys out there that are practical, educational or cool – sometimes all three. Below is a selection of toys that I personally would put amongst the top toys for boys aged between 6 and 8:

  • Power Popper – a brilliant and ideal novelty toy for boys wanting something a little different whilst having fun at the same time; merely aim and fire to watch the foam balls fly out.
  • Space and Alien Sound Machine – boys can have hours of fun playing with the space and alien sound making machine; a real novelty gift for boys. 16 different sound effects, ranging from UFO’s to ray guns. What more could a boy ask for?
  • Jump Rocket – Jump on the pad provided and just watch the foam rocket shoot into the air – this is the ideal gift for boys as it allows for hours of fun and can be played with friends.
  • Racer Construction Toys – Boys love to make things, especially toy cars and this is the perfect gift. Boys can build their own car toy with the kit that is provided using designs thought up entirely in their active little minds.

All in all, I suppose parents just have to buy whatever they think is appropriate for their child. Some gifts can be great ideas and boys may love them, but if space is an issue i.e. no outside space for gifts such as the Jump Rocket, Tent etc then the gift is not viable for the child.

However, despite this there are so many fantastic gifts for boys available that there will be an alternative that can be just as good; have a look online or in your nearest toy store.

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