Wipe Clean Surfaces to the Rescue!

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 When you’re a busy parent trying to hold down a household, a job, volunteer commitments, fragments of your social life and your sanity that last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your home. Enter the superheroes of the household; wipe clean surfaces!

 Here is a list of easy to clean surfaces as well as tips to keep them clean with as little effort as possible:

  – Wood floors:   We all appreciate the soft plushness of carpet under our feet, especially during the winter months but let’s face it, carpet is gross. Not only is it a pain to keep clean but it traps a rather scary amount of dust and other “stuff”.  Wood floors stay cool in summer, and are warmer than tile in winter. They wipe clean with ease, can be refinished more than once and look amazing. There are even a lot of environmentally sustainable options, like bamboo, on the market now. Can’t afford the hardwoods, no worries, there is a wide range of look-a-like laminate options that are super affordable and look just as great.

  – Leather:  Again, fabric always feels better to the touch and curling up on a cold leather couch is never quite as cozy as a big, supple sofa. However, nothing compares to the way leather furniture wipes clean.  Just this morning I washed peanut butter, apple juice, mud, cream cheese, and something orange and squishy off of our leather couch. Voila! Like new again.  Affordable substitutes include vinyl and micro-fibre. Micro-fibre may not wipe clean as easy but with a wet sponge it will clean up much easier than fabric and won’t suck stains up in the same way.

  – Tile:  Whether its natural stone or ceramic there’s no denying the beauty of tile’s easy-to-cleanness. The only thing you have to watch for with natural stone is that it is poress so if not sealed properly, and light colored, it will stain.  Look into a good sealant, especially if installing tile in your kitchen, or better yet, just get over it and accept the rustic look.

Glass and Stainless Steel: I know this is a no-brainer as a wipe clean but what I wanted to share/suggest is to invest in micro-fibre cleaning cloths!! Most parents won’t even consider stainless because of its bad rap for showing sticky handprints and glass, well, my picture windows are usually covered with kid slime on one side, dog slobber on the other.  Micro-fibre cloths simply require warm water and they leave no streaks and they make cleaning mirrors, windows and appliances almost as easy as getting your kids to eat candy.

 – Cermamic Cook Tops: Although they are highly susceptible to scratches they are much easier to clean than their outdated coil cousins. Rember taking the coils out, scrubbing the trays and all those nooks and cranies? With ceramic tops there are lots of products to help clean them (think scrunges and creams), however you do not want to drop anything on them! They can break easier than you think and often replacing the top costs almost as much as a new stove.

Now not everything can be wiped away, such as permanent marker, paint, scratches etc. or can they? If anybody has some brilliant tips on how to get rid of those marks and stains that you think you’re stuck with I’d love to hear them!!


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