QLR Freebies

For simple and easy to implement ways you can start improving your quality of life, please click on one of the links below that will provide free tips on each subject. The following pages have printable versions of each document: Balanced Diet Meal Plan, Food Combining Chart, Cover Letter Examples, Resume Examples, Interview Questions and What is a Good Credit Score.

If you would like to see similar tips to ones we’ve provided, please submit your request through the contact form and we’ll be happy to add the new information for you.

Free Resume Templates & Cover Letters
Our complete list of free resumes and cover letters.  Download any of our free templates and customize them for your job search.  Each document will open in a MS Word document for easy modification.

Cover Letter Examples
This cover letter example can be printed and used to create your own cover letter. When applying for jobs it’s important to know how to structure and format a cover letter. This is what employers see before they even read your resume.

Resume Examples
Using this resume example in your job search will help you format and create a professional resume. Take a look and see how it can improve your current resume.

Interview Questions
This list of interview questions includes 95 questions you may be asked, 25 questions you should consider asking and 18 questions you should NEVER ask. Print the list and be prepared for your next job interview.

Love Calculator
Have some fun and test out your chances with the love of your life. Our love calculator will calculate your two names and give you a percentage of hope.

Relationship Advice
Sometimes when love gets hazy all you need is some sound advice and a few romantic ideas to get back on track. These tips can be printed and used to tighten your bond with your special someone.

Romantic Ideas
Are you looking for a few romantic ideas to make the love of your life feel special?  Save and print our list of twenty romantic ideas that you can start using today.  Give your special someone the attention they deserve.

What is a Good Credit Score?
Are you ready to find out what is a good credit score but don’t know where to start? Take a look this credit score chart and print our credit dispute letter to begin repairing your credit report today.

Credit Repair Companies
Cleaning up your credit report and fixing your credit score will make a significant difference in your financial resources.  This list of reputable credit repair companies will help you get started.

Food Combining
This food combining chart will give you a quick reference of what foods to combine, what can be eaten raw, what needs to be cooked and what is best eaten fresh.

Balanced Diet
Following this budget conscious meal plan is a great way to have a balanced diet for anyone who wants to lose some weight, eat better or just have a week of scheduled meal plans. You can also download the nutrition guide with the 30 Day Meal Plan.

50 Ways to Live a Better Life
It’s time to reinvent yourself!  Start living the life you want to live, the life you were meant to live.  A better life. Take a look at these 5 sample ways to live a better life and then open and print the full list of 50 Ways to Live a Better Life.

Quality of Life Questionnaire
Not sure of your quality of life status? Take this quick quiz to determine where you fall on the quality of life scale. Then check out your options to start living the life you want to live.