3 Things You Aren’t Doing That Can Help And Protect Your Body

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doctorYou try to live a healthy life—okay, well, at least some of the time you live healthily.

Maybe at a party you will stand in front of the veggie platter instead of the chips and onion dip, but you are still plunging that broccoli stalk into the depths of the vegetable dip as if there were gold down there.

Living healthy in today’s world isn’t always easy, and constantly making decisions with your health and what’s best for your body is definitely a struggle.

Sometimes we forget that there are so many easy-to-do things that are beneficial to our well-being – something as simple as wearing foam ear plugs to protect our hearing, for example – which we simply aren’t doing.

Here are three things that you probably aren’t doing for your body that you can easily add to your lifestyle.

Finding Nemo – On Your Plate

Do you have fish at least twice a week? If you don’t, then you are doing yourself a serious disservice, according to Men’s Health.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish have immense health benefits including lowering your risk of heart disease, protecting you from Alzheimer’s, helping you to fight depression, and helping with after-workout muscle soreness.

If you hate fish or simply can’t find the time to get two fish-filled meals in every week, add a fish oil omega-3 supplement to your vitamin regiment to make up for it. Here’s a little hint, for those who really hate the taste of fish, putting the fish oil pills in the freezer will get rid of the fishy taste!


 Some people just don’t like their vegetables, but not getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet means your body is going without key nutrients that it needs.

There are a few solutions, though, for those with an aversion to the green foods. Namely, V8. According to health experts, V8 juice is the best substitute for actual vegetables out there.

Better yet, if you don’t want to drink the original V8 juice, they have the blended fruit and vegetable juice where the fruit taste will overpower and mask any icky vegetable tastes.

The Beating of the Drums: Protect Your Hearing

Concerts are great. There is nothing like seeing your favorite band or artist live with a room or a whole stadium packed with other fans. The energy is palpable, people are up on their feet, and it is extremely loud.

But do you ever get the feeling after you leave a concert like you are talking way too loud because you just spent three-plus hours having your ear drums blown off by a Swedish death metal band in a basement club?

It isn’t something you should just write off. According to audiologist Robin Stoner, just 15 minutes of a typical concert at 105 decibels can start damaging your hearing, which is why you should always wear foam ear plugs at concerts.

Contrary to popular belief, this will not prevent you from hearing the music at all; it will just keep you from going deaf. In general, anytime you’re around loud noises for more than a few seconds – whether it’s a concert on your free time or loud machinery at work – it’s a good idea to take the proper steps to protect your ears.

Being healthy and leading a life with wellness in mind does not mean you have to be thinking about it 24/7. Small changes can have big impacts on your life and overall well-being.

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Hailey Andersen is a physician who enjoys blogging about health and wellness. 


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