5 Tips for Finding the Best Martial Arts School for You

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Martial arts schools are not all created equal!

Even once you have decided on a style, whether it is pure jiu-jitsu or MMA where you train and who you train with will make all the difference in your results…

So how can you ensure you are selecting the right martial arts school? Starting your research online, getting referrals, interviewing chief instructors and popping in to spy on a class are all good moves but what should you be looking for?

5 Tips for Finding the Best Martial Arts School for You

1. McDojo vs. Fight Club

This isn’t just about how hard you will be training, which is important, but more about synergy in philosophy. Do you just want a fast track to sporting a pretty colored belt? If so you can buy some right here and save all the sweat, not to mention thousands in tuition. On the other hand if you want real practical training which can keep you safe on the street and in the cage you’ll need a different type of dojo entirely. Check out the rankings of the other students on the mat, find out what it takes to move up the ranks and what the relation is to cash paid in.

2. What’s Your Instructors’ Credentials?

There are three important elements to evaluate when measuring an instructor’s credentials:

  1. Personal achievements
  2. Student performance
  3. Safety record

The last place you want to train is under an instructor who looks like he hasn’t trained in decades himself and offers advice from the comfort of a chair. Ideally you should be looking to train under someone who has real achievements in the martial arts themselves and recent ones.

However, as in any other industry there can be a huge difference in being talented and being great at what you do versus being a good teacher of others. So look for what recent and current students have been achieving in the world of martial arts. This doesn’t just mean shelves stacked with cheap trophies, what they have been competing in matters too.

Finally, while every hardcore martial arts fan may be in love with the idea of 100 man bare knuckle, full contact kumites safety should be a concern too. What’s the school’s track record and are they still teaching out of date moves or dangerous techniques to those who aren’t ready to use them yet?

3. Lineage

Lineage is incredibly important in martial arts, especially if you want to be taken seriously. This doesn’t mean you won’t be if you aren’t blood related to the Gracie family but who you train under and who taught them and so on is something you’ll want to keep under consideration if you want to go pro or eventually open your own school.

4. Convenience

This might sound basic but what’s the point in signing up for the greatest jiu-jitsu school in the country if you’ll never be able to make it onto the mat? Double check costs, proximity and convenient scheduling of classes before signing on the line and whipping out your credit card.

5. Tailored Training

Beyond just being a good martial arts school you want to make sure this is the best one for you. Will instructors help tailor training to your personal needs and goals? At a minimum will they offer private training for special needs for example if you have a fight coming up and need to work on particular skills or if you are heading off to vacation in a war zone?

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