6 Home Remedies for Relieving the Itch of Chicken Pox

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6 Home Remedies for Relieving the Itch of Chicken Pox

Chicken pox, a common childhood disease, is caused by a virus and generally starts with a low grade fever and slight headache. It is also accompanied by a feeling of weakness and usually attacks children of three to four years of age. Older children and adults can also contract the disease and symptoms are often more severe in these cases. Chicken Pox can be very uncomfortable but there are ways to naturally relieve the aggravating itch.

Development of the Rash

Initially, a rash appears on the skin of the patient in the form of tiny red spots. These spots are mostly on the chest or upper back. Sometimes they may appear on the face and lower extremities. These spots develop into itchy, pus-filled blisters which eventually burst, dry up and form scabs. The spots develop successively. While one set is drying, another set is forming so the skin discomfort usually continues over a duration of a few days.

Home Remedies for the Itch

  • Oatmeal is highly effective for relieving the itch associated with chicken pox. Cook two cups of oatmeal in two liters of water for approximately fifteen minutes. When the oatmeal cools, place it in a cotton bag that is securely tied. Swish this bag around In a tub of warm water for about two minutes before emerging the child. The child can then bath in this oatmeal water while the bag is yet in the tub.
  • Apple vinegar is one of the most common home remedies for the treatment of chicken pox. Add a half of a cup to a tub of warm bath water. Bathing the patient in this bathwater should help soothe the irritation of the skin.
  • Baking soda is another common method for controlling the itching related to chicken pox. Sponging the irritated skin with a baking soda-water solution will bring some relief from the itch.
  • Apply the water from fresh green peas to the irritated skin of the child to help relieve the itch associated with chicken pox.
  • Vitamin E oil is very good for healing the skin after the spots from the chicken pox have dried.
  • Honey also has a healing effect on the skin. The spots from the chicken pox will start to fade with regular application of honey.

Chicken Pox is a mild disease but has potential danger. It is also highly contagious. Children with chicken pox should be kept distant from other children for the duration of the illness which is usually about 1 week. During the period of quarantine, a juice diet would be helpful. As the condition improves, the child can be given raw fruits and vegetables to help rebuild his system. A well-balance diet is important for the overall health of the child.

Do you know any home remedies for relieving the itch of chicken pox? Feel free to share below.



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