6 Natural Cures

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6 Natural Cures

For years natural cures and home remedies have been growing in popularity. Health conscious consumers, worried mothers or individuals with common or extreme illnesses seek out natural cures to relieve their pain and sickness. Many ailments and their symptoms are merely suppressed instead of cured with traditional medicine. Though traditional medicine has its place, the number of patients addicted to pain medication increases annually.

Preventative care is of course the best solution for sickness. However, once you are infected with an illness your only thought is of relief. Far too many people seek to alleviate the pain associated with their illnesses rather than getting to the root of the problem. When administered properly natural cures not only relieve painful symptoms, they also address the root cause of an illness.

It is advisable to educate yourself on available natural cures and nutrition facts, their sources and accessibility in order to maintain good health, prevent disease and heal an existing ailment. Here are six natural cures and home remedies for future reference:

  • Headaches – Foot baths are a popular treatment for headaches. Soak your feet in warm to moderately hot water before going to bed for two to three weeks.
  • Insomnia – Inactivity and poor circulation can be major causes of insomnia, as can be stress or poor diet. Walking for an hour each day, especially in the evening will clear your mind and ensure your body is ready for rest by bedtime.
  • Stress – Exercise, volunteering, reading and entertainment that cause laughter are great stress relievers. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, caffeine, salts, sugars and sodas when attempting to combat stress.
  • Yeast Infection – The most common natural cure for a yeast infection is cranberry because the high acidic level will reduce the amount of yeast in your body. Yogurt is also a popular treatment because it contains health cultures that fight and reduce the overgrown yeast bacteria. Avoid breads, wet garments, tight fitting clothes and drink plenty of water.
  • Hiccups – Drink a glass of water quickly and hold your breath as long as possible afterwards. Additional remedies include, eating peanut butter and gargling with warm water.
  • Stretch Marks – Since lack of moisture as the skin stretches is one cause of stretch of marks, drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your skin properly will help in preventing the dreaded scars. Applying lavender oil, olive oil or sandalwood daily will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Are you looking for additional natural cures and home remedies through nutrition facts? You can find more helpful information in several forums on the internet. Your local health food store will also have knowledgeable employees to help you. The internet can offer helpful resources for natural cures. Remember that your health is your wealth. Don’t suffer needlessly or overwhelm yourself thinking about all the possible reasons for your sickness.

Keep in mind an overload of information can also create anxiety if you don’t know what is wrong with you or causing your pain. Finally, be encouraged and know that minor problems don’t have to turn into major problems.


For additional nutrition facts and health tips visit our Health and Nutrition page to start your balanced diet.


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  • Haywood Zsohar

    Let’s start with stretch marks. They aren’t exactly caused by stretching your skin, but a lot more by hormones along with the destruction of the elastin that supports your skin as your body grows faster than the supporting structure inside your skin can accommodate. Stretch marks are scars. Torn skin.With pregnancy, a formerly flat stomach and trim figure may well be ruined if 1 is not careful. Prevention is far better than cure, so tackle every even prior to you get pregnant.

  • Stretch marks form when your skin is stretched rapidly as happens in the course of pregnancy. Most ladies develop stretch marks in the course of the later trimesters of pregnancy though some females start to develop them as soon as their bellies begin growing.Stretch marks represent the tearing or separation of collagen from the skin when tearing occurs. Stretch marks are not harmful or painful and usually fade over time.

  • Take hot water bath. It opens the pores of the skin. It also helps in strengthening the epidermis which further diminishes the appearance of stretch marks.Have lots of water. Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water every single day. It keeps your skin hydrated & glowing.Have plenty of zinc and vitamin A, C & E within your food. They ought to try having an excellent amount of vitamin A, C & E in their meals. They compensate the collagen of the skin and make it much more elastic.

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