6 Top Tips for Beating Dental Anxiety

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Dentist Examining Little Boys Teeth --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisMany studies conducted by the experts have proven that dental anxiety is a serious issue and people suffering from it have poor oral health.

However, the six tips given below would help you in beating and preventing dental anxiety in kids.

1. Don’t Wait for Pain to Increase for Visiting the Dentist:-
Several times despite dental problems, people delay their visit to dentist and wait for the time till they experience extreme pain. However, when pain increases dramatically, it means that the problem has become serious and usually only solutions left are root canal treatment or dental extraction.

Both these treatments are unpleasant and also excruciating for many people. Therefore, it’s wise to visit your dentist every six months, or at times when you start witnessing the signs of dental discomfort.

2. Selecting the Best Dentist:-

There are many dentists, but very few of those can deal with anxious patients in a proper way. Therefore, it becomes important to find a dentist who is caring by nature and experienced enough to solve the oral health issues. You can always ask your family and friends about a good dentist.

Before taking the treatment you must have consultation with the dentist. If during the consultation you feel that the dentist is not caring enough, then you should leave and keep searching for the dentist that understands your anxiety regarding dental procedures.

3. Freely Discuss Your Dental Anxiety with Dentist:-
When consulting with the dentist, you must tell him about your anxiety regarding the dental treatment without any hesitations. A good dentist would help you in overcoming the fears and would suggest you steps that you can take for getting over you anxiety.

4. Consider Medications and General Anesthesia:-

In case your dental anxiety is severe, you should discuss options like premeditation, in which you would have to be administered with drugs like usage of nitrous oxide and valium. Valium is an anxiolytics and is highly effective in helping the patients who have dental anxiety.

Similarly, by administering nitrous oxide to patients dental procedures can help ease their anxiety levels. Several times general anesthesia is used by the dentists to perform dental procedures, as there are no risks involved with its usage.

5. Great Oral Hygiene:-

You must follow a good oral hygiene and it starts with brushing your teeth twice daily with a tooth paste that has fluoride in it. Best way to avoid a visit to the dentist is to have good teeth and gums and thus overall great oral health. This would also improve your self-confidence and thus reducing your levels of anxiety.

6. Preventing Dental Anxiety in Children:-

It’s important for you as a parent that you should not let you fear of dentist pass on to your children. It’s a well-known fact that children tend to be perceptive and impressionable. Therefore, if they see their parents fear from dentist, they tend to develop same fears.

Therefore, to prevent your children from developing dental anxiety, you must follow these tips. In front of your child you should always talk about dental visits in a positive way. You should take your child to the dentist for general check-ups on regular basis, as it would reduce his fears for dentist, if he has any.

Children that are below the age of 3, need to take proper dental care at home. Children older than 3 years should start taking proper dental check-ups, and after the age of 4 years they should take cleans.

By following better oral health hygiene, not only can you reduce the need of a dentist, but it also makes it easier for you to find a dentist, if you face any oral health problem and you have dental anxiety. The tips given above would help you in reducing the dental anxiety levels.

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