6 Useful Tricks For Remembering Daily Details

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key magnetsMy husband and I had a rather embarrassing episode last week when our new landlord came to our current house in order to sign a new contract with us.

After we’d all walked over together, we found ourselves standing outside our front door searching urgently for our front-door keys.

All I could think was “what a wonderful impression we must be making on this landlord- he probably won’t want to sign with us because we look so utterly irresponsible.”

Well, all’s well ends well; we eventually found our keys and it didn’t seem to faze the landlord in the slightest.

Last week my husband and I found ourselves standing outside our front-door searching frantically for both of our keys.

This wouldn’t have been so bad had we been alone but we had our potential new landlord with us who had come to sign a contract with us.

I was nervous that we must be making such an awful impression on the landlord and that he wouldn’t want to sign with such an irresponsible couple but in the end we found our keys and signed the contract.

The episode did get me thinking that I had better find ways to remember where I put my keys so I went online in search of some tips…

Here are a number of useful tricks for remembering daily details;

Write it down

This is seemingly obvious, but sometimes you can give your brain a break by jotting down things that you need to remember throughout the day or even to remind yourself where you put things.

Don’t rely on remembering things in your head- old-schoolers can use a pen and pad and the more tech-savvy among us can write lists on their computers/iPhones/cellphones, etc.

Everything has its own place

An easy method is to keep certain possessions in fixed places. A special bowl for your purse, sunglasses, keys, etc. There are also many lovely home decorations that are specifically for allowing you to hang those possessions that are so easy to forget on your dash out of the door. Treat yourself to a nice home decoration and have the added bonus of never forgetting those things again!

Word Association

Word association is also a great way of remembering things such as vital facts and names. By associating something with a color, animal or food that shares the same first letter as the thing/person that you’re trying to remember, you’ll have an easier time retrieving the information from your brain.

Breathe through your left nostril

As funny as it sounds, breathing through one’s left nostril improves spatial memory. Shut the right nostril, breathe deeply through your left nostril and the hormones that go crazy when you’re tense and make it harder for you to recall things are slowed down.

More blood flows to your left hippocampus- the area controlling memory when breathing through your left nostril and can make it easier to retain memories.

Do something strange

If holding your right nostril shut and breathing deeply through your left nostril doesn’t make you feel daft enough, you can always perform strange actions when carrying out daily habits- apparently doing something strange helps you remember later on the circumstances in which you did the habit. Go ahead, lock your door and do a little dance as you put your keys in your bag- I dare you!

Picture bizarre images

If you can think of bizarre images or scenes associated with object you’re trying to remember, this can also be helpful. If you want to remember that you need to take your suit to the dry cleaners, imagining your suit dancing down the street to the dry cleaners may be what helps you remember to do it!

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