A Few Health and Fitness Terms

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If you’re trying to get into shape then no doubt you will probably be reading a range of different articles on the web about training and diet. In fact I know you will be – because you’re reading this one.

When you do this though you may have found that you came across some terms and words that you weren’t familiar with. Scientific terminology and general ‘jargon’ that you can’t make much sense of, and as you do this you will probably have found that it makes understanding precisely what you’re supposed to do and why more tricky than it should be.  In short, in order for an article on fitness (or anything else) to be any help, you need to know what it’s talking about.

To that end, here we are going to look at some different terms that are likely to come up and that can help you to get a better understanding of your body.


In short this is the technical term for muscle growth. On the opposite end of the spectrum is hypotrophy which is the decay of muscles – which is of course bad news.


ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate and is the ‘universal energy currency’ of life. In other words this is the energy source that the muscles and everything else use after it has been changed from glucose. This words because it is three phosphates held together by powerful bonds. These bonds are broken by the human body and in doing so a large amount of energy is released that the body can then use to power movements.


Anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’ and this means the body relies on other systems for energy – such as the phosphogen system or the glycogen lactic acid system. There are two ways to get the body to work anaerobically – one is to train to the point where the body can no longer get oxygen quickly enough. The other is to train at a lesser pace, such as with slow resistance work.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise meanwhile is the exercise that utilizes oxygen, and is also known as cardiovascular exercise.


An anabolic state is a state in which then body is focussing on building muscle and making repairs around the body. This is the state we want our bodies to be in when we are trying to grow muscle of course, and it’s the point at which having abundant protein is most important. We are anabolic when we are asleep and also immediately after training. The opposite of an anabolic state is a catabolic state which is the state we’re in when we’re awake and burning tissue for fuel to power our movements.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Our BMR is the minimum amount of energy that our body requires (in calories) in order to carry on with just normal basic function. That means in other words burning fat, building muscle and making us blink etc. Before we do any exercise, the amount of energy we burn from simply being awake is our BMR.

VO2 Max

Your VO2 max refers to the amount of oxygen that your body is capable of getting from the air in what volume. The better your VO2 max the more you will be able to run for long distances.

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