A Healthy Mind Goes a Long Way

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Whether you love or hate your job, every employee has experienced the afternoon slump. The few hours following lunch can be a much less productive part of your employees’ day. Fortunately, it does not take much to transform a workplace from lethargic and unproductive to energized and mentally sharp. Even small steps can have a big impact on how well employees work throughout the afternoon.

Reasonable Lunch Breaks

A healthy, balanced meal in the middle of a workday can provide the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge. You don’t experience those benefits when you’re grabbing a sugary snack while hunched over your keyboard. Make sure everyone has time to sufficiently refuel during lunchtime for optimum productivity.

 Dietary Changes

Gorging on a huge meal sends almost everyone into a dozy state. One way companies can avoid employees from wolfing down calorie-packed lunches is to offer light, healthy food options on site. It’s convenient for workers and could boost post-lunch productivity, too.

If providing meals isn’t an option, you could try making healthy snacks available an hour or so after lunch. Distributing fruit, for example, can help your employees make healthy choices by encouraging not just a snack for some afternoon energy, but a healthier snack than the ones in a vending machine. Most vending machine treats are packed with sugar which will only make you crash shortly after you get a sugar jolt.

Regular Water Consumption

Dehydration, even in small amounts, can make you feel groggy and listless. Having water available throughout the day is a good way to encourage employees to drink up so they don’t feel sluggish once the afternoon hits.

Exercise Options

For many people, working out is a surefire energy boost. It also releases endorphins that can reduce headaches and other mental distractions. By giving employees the chance to sneak in a quick workout, an otherwise sluggish afternoon could become a highly productive one. You don’t need to spring for a gym on-site, either; even something like designating a room for personal workouts, or allowing health-conscious employees to lead the occasional workout class, could make a big difference.

Pump Up the Music

Music can make you bob your head, tap your toes, and push all your stress to the back of your mind. Quiet offices may benefit from a bit of music during the afternoon slump; workplaces that usually have music playing could make sure to play tunes that are upbeat for at least a portion of the day. This slight change in environment could shape up a sleepy workplace and get people back to work.

Your office does not have to fall victim to the afternoon slump. Small adjustments in diet and lifestyle, such as healthy snacks and quick exercise opportunities, can mean the difference between a productive and unproductive worker. While these adjustments may not seem like much at first glance, they can deeply influence productivity levels for everyone in the office.

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