Alcohol Addiction: 5 Tips to Getting on the Road to Recovery

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sober beer capEnjoying a few drinks with friends can really help a person loosen up and relax after a long week, but unfortunately, alcohol can also have a dark side.

Getting really drunk is often a decision that people regret the next day, but for some individuals, this becomes more of a lifestyle.

When a person recognizes that they have a drinking problem, it’s understandable that they may be fearful of the path ahead. Luckily, there are a few steps that anyone can take to get their road to recovery started.

1. Get Family Support

If there is anyone who will likely respect an individual’s decision to get help with alcoholism, it’s their family.

A person who simply lets their family members know that they’re going to make an effort to stay sober will have the additional incentive of not letting their loved ones down, and this is often the motivation that helps individuals get over their problem. Family members will also be okay with spending time with their loved one so that they don’t become bored and pick up the bottle.

2. Consider a Program

Alcohol treatment programs are meant to help those with drinking problems on their road to recovery. Not everyone who wants to drink is an alcoholic; simply being a problem drinker can be enough for a person to want change.

Luckily, these programs can help individuals in any situation, and since there are a variety of programs that meet different individual needs, it should be no problem tracking a good one down.

3. Handle any Legal Issues

Unfortunately, it’s far too often the case that individuals don’t realize that they have a problem until they’re arrested for an alcohol related issue such as driving under the influence (DUI).

Sadly, the penalties for a DUI conviction, such as a loss of license and serious financial liability in the form of fines, are not conducive with recovering from an alcohol problem.

This is why anyone who is faced with arrest should find an experienced local DUI lawyer to help avoid these repercussions. A failed breathalyzer is never an automatic conviction; there are actually defenses to DUI charges.

It’s possible to simply perform an online search to find several local attorneys that can help avoid consequences that will only make recovery more difficult.

Perform a search engine inquire for the kind of lawyer needed and your location. For example, input “DUI lawyer in New Jersey” to obtain a list of lawyers within NJ that practice DUI law, or to be more specific input “DUI lawyer in Cherry Hill, NJ” to obtain a list directly in the area you live that practice DUI law.
4. Keep 9-1-1 on Speed Dial

This may sound scary, and it may end up being pointless, but a person should always be prepared to seek medical attention if they are quitting drinking after long-term use.

A body that has become dependent on alcohol can react very badly in its absence. If a person experiences fever, rapid heartbeat, confusion or intense vomiting, they should seek medical help immediately.

5. Avoid Situations where Drinking is Likely

The best way to avoid drinking is to avoid temptation. If a person’s friends get together every Saturday night for a pub crawl, it’s probably in that individual’s best interest to skip out on that night.

It’s also important to start enjoying other social events. From going hiking with friends to simply staying at the house for an alcohol-free barbecue, avoiding the temptation of alcohol can go a long way.

Fighting an alcohol problem can be difficult, but it’s nowhere near impossible. A person who properly prepares themselves and seeks out the right help can defeat the battle that is known as problem drinking. The road ahead won’t always be easy, but once a person reaches the end of that road, they’ll know that it was well worth it.

Lisa Coleman shares ways that a person who might be facing personal issues related to alcohol addiction can get help and get on the path to recovery. If faced with DUI charges, retaining an experienced DUI lawyer is important. Evan M. Levow, a DUI lawyer in New Jersey, is highly experienced and knowledgeable in DUI law and can represent a client facing DUI charges within the state of NJ.

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