Are You as Slow as Molasses When It Comes to Health Care?

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Are You as Slow as Molasses When It Comes to Health Care?

Are you as slow as molasses when it comes to getting your health in order? You know molasses — that dark, thick substance Grandma poured on your pancakes when you were a kid? You were mesmerized as you watched the sweet, gooey syrup ease out of the ceramic jar onto your stack of goodies. Your fascination and anticipation kept your impatience in check. It probably wasn’t until you (and your Grandma) got a bit older that you concluded molasses took too long and opted for the popular Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth syrups for faster dining.

Blackstrap Molasses Has Many Health Benefits

Molasses might be slow in pouring, but sure gives a feisty kick when it comes to boosting the health. Blackstrap molasses, in particular, carries a high nutrition value.  This byproduct of boiled cane sugar is full of minerals that can get you on the track to better health quickly. Unsulphured blackstrap molasses contains a variety of minerals such as copper, iron, manganese, calcium. Its potassium and manganese content is also quite high. If you’ve been moving slow and feel run down and sluggish, consider the robust blackstrap molasses as a health booster. It has the following benefits:

  • Blackstrap molasses is great for correcting blood issues, such as anemia. One tablespoon daily will replenish your iron stores and increase your energy levels.
  • Blackstrap molasses contains calcium, which is needed to help maintain healthy teeth and bones. Used during menopause, it can help correct or prevent problems with osteoporosis.
  • Blackstrap molasses benefits the muscles by helping them contract and function properly.
  • Blackstrap molasses is very helpful for dealing with such menopausal symptoms as cramping, PMS, mood swings, and hot flashes.
  • Blackstrap molasses is good for treating fibroid tumors.
  • Blackstrap molasses is great for expelling toxins from the body, which is important for preventing colon cancer.

 Knowledge is Power, Especially When it Comes to Great Health

Knowledge is power and ignorance is not really bliss. In this age of increased information, there is really no excuse for poor health. Natural resources are all around us and it would behoove us to take advantage of their dynamic health properties. Many times, we know we need to do something, but are very slow about doing it — as slow as molasses. Even choosing and implementing  a health plan for your family can be a neglected duty.  Do yourself and your body a favor by not only reading about how to obtain good health — begin to actively pursue it. You are the one to benefit.

Are you as slow as molasses when it comes to your health care? As slow as molasses in January? Take a lesson from blackstrap molasses and change that today. Feel free to comment below.

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