Balanced Diet Foods for Women

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Balanced Diet Foods for Women

There are many balanced diet foods that keep women healthy.  The following list is just a short mixture of foods that aid in better health and weight loss.  Take a look and see which ones you can add to your diet to make a difference in your overall health.


Oatmeal – is rich in fiber but it will stay in your stomach for hours.  How does this help you lose weight?  If you stay/feel full longer, you’re less likely to crave a mid morning snack.  Try to purchase the all natural plain oatmeal.  The flavored packages are usually filled with sugar or the like.

Nuts – are another delicious and filling treat.  The more nuts you eat, the less hungry you are and the less you binge on unhealthy snacks.  Non salted almonds are your best choice for healthy nuts.

Olive Oil – is a monounsaturated fat.  Yes you want to stay away from fats, but olive oil is good kind of fat.  Not to mention you have to use cooking oil anyway, why not make it a healthy one that controls your cholesterol?

Berries – are rich in antioxidants and fiber.  You knew that already.  But did you know they are also very filling?  Yes, berries are a part of the elite foods that fill you up in addition to providing nutrition to keep you healthy and energetic.

Eggs – Eggs contain vitamin B12, which your body needs to metabolize fat. They are a great source of protein, add flavor to plain salads and they are easy to prepare.

Beans and Legumes – are high in protein and fiber.  They are also low in calories. Replacing your meat with beans and legumes twice a week will do wonders for your digestion and your figure.  You can make burritos, add the beans to salads and even spice them up and make your own veggie burgers.

Lean Meats and Fish – If you have to eat meat, eat organic chicken.  Granted turkey is the leanest of meats.  But if you want to be even healthier stick with fish like salmon, tilapia and tuna.  They are high in omega-3s which help prevent stress chemicals from running ramped in your body.  Please stay away from pork and beef as much as possible.

Avocados – are heart healthy foods.  They are also very filling and full of fiber.  Half a cup of avocado is enough to stave off hunger while providing a plethora of health benefits.

Papaya – believe it or not has more vitamin C than an orange.  Actually it has about twice as much vitamin c.  Papayas are high in digestive enzymes and they will fight against gallbladder disease.  Like most fruits, papayas are high in fiber, low in calories and will fill you up.

Green Vegetables – are high in minerals and vitamins like as Vitamin K, Vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, and iron.  Spinach and broccoli are especially high in fiber with very few calories. Having a salad before a large meal will reduce your hunger.  Keep in mind that iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value.  Instead use romaine, arugula or spinach to pad your salad.


Are there any balanced diet foods for women you think should be added that are a must for women’s diet?  Share your experience in the comment box below.


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