Balanced Diet Snacks

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Balanced Diet Snacks: Grapes

Balanced Diet Snacks – Grapes

Finding balanced diet snacks can be difficult when you’re shopping in the snack isle at your local grocer.  But if you venture down to the produce section you’ll find a utopia of delicious and healthy balanced diet snacks.  Take a look at this list of foods that will keep the weight off and taste great on your lips.

Avocados – reduces bloating and are high in protein so feel free to add them to you salads.

Carrots – make a great snack, a great drink, raw in salad or steamed with dinner. High in Vitamin A, they also improve eyesight, help fight cancer and give you a lot of energy.

Figs – have been known to cause an aphrodisiac effect on men and women.  They maintain high energy levels and keep you feeling full.

Ginger – helps with upset stomachs, gas and nausea.  You can boil ginger root tea or slice it thin to have with your meals. It also helps ease stomach muscles.

Greek Yogurt – is so rich in calcium that one serving supplies almost a quarter of a woman’s daily calcium needs and has twice as much protein as regular yogurt.  It is also high in probiotics that can help balance your digestion.

Olives – are not just for James Bond’s martinis.  They are tasty and healthy.  Olives are anti-inflammatory and they reduce symptoms to arthritis, asthma and menopause.

Papaya s – are one of my favorite fruits.  They are high in digestive enzymes, protect against the potential damages of secondhand smoke, rheumatoid arthritis, and even the common cold.

Peppermint – If you have a stomach bug or just need to perk up a bit, have a cup of peppermint tea. It’s also a muscle relaxant and clean up your nasal passages so you can breathe better.

Raspberries – are a great source of antioxidants which are great to neutralize any free radicals which can affect your healthy cells.

Strawberries – are high in vitamin C and aid in better eye sight. They have also been linked to preventing cancer.

Walnuts – can help you lower cholesterol, boost brain power, sleep better, cope with stress, prevent heart disease and fight cancer.

 Wild Blueberries – help prevent memory loss, improve motor skills, helps to lower your blood pressure and are extremely high in antioxidants.


Are any of your favorite balanced diet snacks listed above?  What’s your take on this list?  Did we give you some great choices or do you need more? 


For additional nutrition facts and health tips visit our Health and Nutrition page to start your balanced diet.

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