Bicycle Safety: 5 Tips for Sharing the Road

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bicycle_safety_5_tips_for_sharing_the_roadRiding a bicycle is better for your health than driving, and it will also help you have a positive impact on the environment. However, it is important to realize that cycling can be dangerous if you do not follow all of the proper safety guidelines.

For example, 51,000 cyclists were injured in the U.S. in 2009, and an additional 630 individuals lost their lives.

It is also important to note that bicycle accidents are more prevalent in major cities such as Chicago because all of the local roads and crosswalks are more crowded. Therefore, you should always remain alert and take steps to protect yourself.

Five Tips for Safely Sharing the Road

1. Stay in the Bike Lane 

Many cyclists have a tendency to veer close to the edge of the bike lane, but this can easily cause an accident. After all, you need to provide enough space between yourself and the vehicles that are passing by, and it is your responsibility to stay in your lane. This is especially imperative at night when driver visibility is greatly reduced.

2. Wear a Helmet

Even if it is not legally required in your area, you should still wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet at all times. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had indicated that a shocking 70 percent of all cycling fatalities are caused by head injuries, and many of these deaths could have been avoided if the cyclist had taken the proper precautions. Keep in mind that a helmet that is cracked or has other imperfections might not provide you with the enough protection during an accident.

3. Wear Bright Colors 

Cycling at night is extremely dangerous, so you should always wear bright colors and reflective clothing in order to ensure that motorists will notice you. It is also a good idea to put a headlight on your bike to help you avoid any issues in your path such as cracked pavement that could cause you to lose control of your bike.

4. Turn off Your MP3 Player

Many people prefer to listen to music while they ride their bike, but this can be extremely dangerous, especially in a congested area. Keep in mind that loud music can prevent you from hearing sirens and honking horns, and both of these noises can keep you safe.

5. Ride with the Flow of Traffic 

Although some people believe that it is safer to ride against the flow of traffic, you will actually put yourself at a greater risk if you develop this bad habit. Additionally, many cities will ticket cyclists who do not follow proper procedures, and it would be unwise to take this risk. Therefore, you should always ride with the flow of traffic.

Injuries When Cycling

In the event you are injured when out riding your bike, it is important to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. If it is life threatening or serious injuries 911 should be called immediately. Calling local law enforcement should always be contacted also.

It is important that a police report is filed in regards to the accident in case there are difficulties filing a claim with an insurance company. When there are difficulties it is vital to contact a local personal injury attorney to help you with your claim. They will be equipped to counsel and represent a case and handle all the legalities.

Performing an online search within your local area will help you to be able to find a local attorney in your area and navigate their sites to find one who practices law in regards to your case.

For example, researching a site like would help a person to understand how a Chicago law firm is able to legally represent and file a claim for a cyclist injured by a motorist. They can read the types of cases the firm has experience in and when a personal injury attorney is needed.

When you are taking every necessary precaution and you are still hit by a motorist, you should strongly consider contacting a personal injury attorney. After all, this is the best way to ensure that you will not end up paying for all of your medical expenses.

Lisa Coleman shares tips for the cyclist to help ensure their safety when out and about, particularly when riding within a highly congested area. She also shares some tips on what a cyclist should do when injured while riding. She recently researched at how a personal injury attorney is knowledgeable and equipped to represent a client who has been injured while riding a bike within the Chicago area.

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