Body Hacks for a Longer Life

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There is no medication or food to substitute for the benefits you’ll receive from regular exercise. Even cancer researchers have realized how important it is for patients to exercise through every stage of treatment. Unfortunately, statistics show only 16 percent of Americans engage in regular exercise or competitive sports. This is a shame because exercise can increase the metabolism, stabilize energy for use throughout the day, lower blood pressure, and increase oxygen to the brain.

Beginners often start with a workout program at the gym and stop out of frustration with the difficulty or lack of results. the best way to start exercising is slowly and in the morning. Studies show that even a five minute burst of cardio or weight training early in the morning has profound effects on mental performance and metabolic function. Another option is to take a 20 minute walk. The stronger metabolism resulting from this exercise will have the side benefit of reducing your appetite.

Source: Health Degrees


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