Breast Cancer Awareness — Prevention is the Best Cure

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Breast Cancer Awareness - Prevention is the Best Cure

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but breast cancer is formidable enough to keep an eye on every day of the year. Each year, almost 200,000 are diagnosed with the disease and over 40,000 die. Men also should stay watchful as it is estimated that almost 1,700 men will also be diagnosed.

Developing breast cancer (or any other cancer for that matter) is no joke. It can literally wreck your life. This heterogeneous disease always begins with malignant cells in breast tissues but can rapidly spread to other parts of the body. It also behaves differently by individuals, gender, and age groups. Besides skin cancer, women develop breast cancer more than any other type of disease. It is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths, lung cancer being first.

Breast Cancer Awareness Begins with Good Preventive Measures

The best ways to deal with breast cancer is to prevent the disease from invading the body in the first place. Breast cancer awareness includes taking heed to proper diet and regular exercise. These protocols are paramount for keeping the disease away as well as helping the body to heal after breast cancer treatment. Choose foods that will boost the immune system and provide anti-cancerous antioxidants. Sugary and fried foods are not in order. Exercises that expand the lungs are best for getting oxygen to all parts of the body, especially oxygen-starved cells.

Deal with Breast Cancer Sensibly to Keep the Disease from Controlling Your Life

Many individuals panic at the thought of breast cancer and this extra adrenaline overdose does nothing to help the body deal with the disease. Devastating news? Yes. Impossible to deal with? No. Many women and men alike have licked the disease by their sheer determination to do so. There are also many support groups online and off that can help you deal with the news of breast cancer as well as find an appropriate solution for your situation. Panicking only exasperates the situation.

Breast cancer awareness also entails knowledge of the many approaches for treating the disease. A natural approach may seem preposterous to some, but entirely right for others.  Just remember that you have options.  Also, remember that you are in control. Don’t let the disease control you.

Keep in the mind as well that the following statements are myths that have no scientific support:

  • Breast cancer is hereditary and you are bound to get it if it is in the family.
  • Breast cancer is contagious
  • Breast cancer is caused by deodorants and anti-perspirants.
  • Finding a lump in your breast means breast cancer.
  • Men do not get breast cancer.  

What other tips do you know for breast cancer awareness? Feel free to share them below.


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